Nigerian And Lebanese Drug-lords Force A Man To Kill His Family In South Africa


There should be no excuse for xenophobic attacks. But then, it is foolish to root out the possibility of reports about foreigners perpetuating hateful, odious, abominable, and reprehensible crimes fueling such attacks. Ideally, nobody wants to be mistreated in his/her home, especially by visitors who do not own the home with them. No well-meaning citizen of South Africa is happy to read stories about foreigners committing heinous crimes in the country. It is gravely unsettling to take-in tales of Nigerian and Lebanese drug-lords allegedly forcing a South African to kill his wife and two teenage children in South Africa.

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The Vanderbijlpark Magistrate’s Court heard on Tuesday that Nigerian and Lebanese drug-lords forced Fanie du Preez to kill his wife and two teenage children when he refused to deliver drugs for them.

Reading out an investigating officer’s affidavit in the court, the officer disclosed that Du Preez told him that the drug-lords held him at gunpoint, gave him a gun and forced him to kill his wife and children. The man confessed to the officer that his daughter, Carlia was awake when he killed her. According to him, she was shot through her hand because she tried to stop him. And she pleaded “Nee, Pappa, nee” – (No, daddy, no), before he shot her.

While Du Preez insisted that he did not go to the police when he was threatened by the drug-lords because he didn’t trust the force, the investigating officer related that Du Preez showed no emotion or remorse for his murdered family during the investigation.

Du Preez’s wife Thea, 34 was killed by two gunshot wounds to the head. He allegedly fired three shots at his son Phillip (14). Two of which he missed with the third hitting Phillip’s head. “He shot his 17-year-old daughter six times, he fired three shots at his son while his wife had two bullet wounds to the head,” News24 reports.

When Du Preez’s lawyer, Francois de Kock was reading out Preez’s affidavit about his account of the event, he told the court his client will be pleading not guilty to the murder charges as the State does not have a strong case against him. According to De Kock, irrespective of his client initially telling the police that there was a robbery at his home, he later gave the police his full co-operation.

As such, Du Preez is asking to be released on bail to mourn the loss of his family for “no constructive mourning can be done while in prison,” he said. The court was equally told that Du Preez and his wife Thea had separate bank accounts and that he needed to be released on bail in order to deal with his wife’s estate.

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