Who is Wiseman Mncube? His Age, Family and Personality Explored

Wiseman Mncube (born 1990) is a 34-year-old South African actor, playwright and play director. He is famous for his roles in television series such as Gold DiggersEHostela, and Uzalo.

Some would recognize him for his role in Ukhakhayi – The Kingdom, while many more would recognize him for his role in Uzalo. It doesn’t matter for which role one recognizes him more, what is true is that Wiseman Mncube is famous.

For him, acting is something that seems to be in the blood as he is from a family where three siblings are all actors. He has since appeared in several theatrical productions, as well as TV shows, most popular of which include the aforementioned SABC1 series, Uzalo.

Summary of Wiseman Mncube’s Biography

  • Full name: Wiseman Mncube
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: Born 1990
  • Place of Birth: Ulundi, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
  • Wiseman Mncube’s Age: 34 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: African
  • Nationality: South African
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Widowed
  • Wiseman Mncube’s Children: 2
  • Siblings: 5, including Ntando Mncube and Omega Mncube
  • Education: Durban University of Technology
  • Occupation: Actor, Playwright, Director, Singer
  • Wiseman Mncube’s Height in Inches: 5 ft 7
  • Wiseman Mncube’s Height in Centimetres: 170 cm
  • Famous for: His roles in television serials such as; Gold DiggersEHostela and Uzalo
  • Wiseman Mncube’s Instagram: wiseman_mncube
  • Twitter: @wiseman_mncube

Wiseman Mncubem is 34 Years Old and Was Raised in a Zulu Family

Featuring in a show where he is always faced with having to speak the language on screen, Wiseman Mncube was actually born into a Zulu family in 1990. The actor was birthed in Ulundi, although it was in Newlands West, Durban, that he was brought up alongside his three other siblings.

The parents of the actor named him Wiseman Mncube at birth. Obviously, his first name, Wiseman, is English, but his surname is an African name, Zulu to be precise. His first name is derived from Wise and Man, which come together to form Wiseman. For his surname, Mncube, it is sometimes left as Ncube. The name is very popular among the Zulus, as well as the Ndebele people of South Africa. With that said, the true meaning of the name has not been provided.

He did not grow up with the knack of becoming an actor until the fires of that dream were ignited by his brother, who was in the university in 2005. He invited Wiseman to watch him perform in a play, and the moment he was there, he fell in love with acting and decided that was the path he wanted to follow. At the time, he was in standard 8. The actor would start his career in the theatres, and he still takes part there, but his real fame will come as a screen actor, even though he is also a playwright and director.

Wiseman Mncube Has Creative Siblings


Wiseman is not the only member of his family that is blessed with creativity as others are also very creative. His brother, Omega Mncube, is also an actor who has made an appearance on Uzalo as Dr. Sbonelo, Nkuzi’s son- Phelelani. Omega is still a young man who is in the university, but he has already started his acting career, as well as his career as a playwright.

Omega, who got the chance to join the SABC1 show in 2020, stated that he was at a shock when he was offered the chance to join the cast. He was first informed by Wiseman that the show was having an audition, and so he decided to take a part in it, which ended with him clinching the role. Before this, he has made theatrical appearances and has got a role in the show, Usiza show.

Apart from his younger brother, Wiseman’s older brother, Ntando Mncube, is also a famous actor. The oldest of the three brothers charted the path for the two others to also become actors. Known for works such as the SABC1 miniseries Side Dish, Intersexions, eKasi: Our Stories, and currently, he is on Ifalakhe, in which he plays the lead role.

The three brothers have always loved acting since they were little kids, and they sustained this love, which will lead them to all graduate from the Durban University of Technology, where they each studied drama.

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He is Different From Uzalo’s Sbonelo, But Still Loved

One thing that most people get mistaken is the on-screen characters of most Uzalo actors and actresses with who they may be in real life, probably because of how they expertly execute their roles. It is not different from Wiseman Mncube, who portrays a rude womanizer who is also a class-a jerk, named Sbonelo.

Wiseman Mncube
Siphillile and Sbonelo (Image Source)

At best, Sbonelo can be described as a rude and spoilt brat who lives strictly by his rules. He does whatever pleases him without minding if he offends anyone on the way. Wiseman happens to be totally different from that as the actor is not only a well-composed individual, he is also shy, an introvert, and a very respectful individual.

With that said, he is one of the most loved characters to have joined the show in the later seasons. His fanbase on the show has increased tremendously because of how interesting his character is on one hand, and how much of a talented actor he is, on the other.

Wiseman Auditioned For Uzalo’s First Season But Got Turned Down 

Before his role in the SABC 1’s leading drama series, Wiseman had already appeared in many other productions. He was not a part of the show until season 5, in which he plays Sibonelo, the good-looking son of Dr. Gabisile.

Unarguably one of the best characters in Uzalo, Sibonelo just returned after his medical studies in Cuba, to practice in his hometown of KwaMashu. Unfortunately for him, he returns to find out that his father is one of the most notorious criminals in the hometown. Although he wants to live his own life, he is drawn into the shadows of his father. Now he’s everything his father is, and maybe worse.

As regards how he got his role in Uzalo, Wiseman has not revealed anything. Hence, it is not known if he had a normal audition like others, or if he auditioned for a different role, but ended up on the show like Nkanyiso Makhanya (Njeza), who auditioned for a different role but ended getting his role in the popular TV show. Nonetheless, it is known that after his involvement in the theatre, Wiseman auditioned for Uzalo in the first season but was rejected.

After that, he moved to Johannesburg, where he continued to find roles but only ended with cameos. Because of that, he wanted to move to teach to be able to pay bills, until he finally got his breakout role in eHostela.

Wiseman Mncube’s Movies and TV Shows:

  • eHostela (Jama)
  • Generations (Skhalo)
  • Gold Diggers (Themba / Gus)
  • Ingozi (Sizwe Hlatshwayo)
  • Mamello (Junior)
  • Ring of Lies (Boxer 1)
  • Sokhulu & Partners (Bongani Mvelase)
  • The Kingdom (Mfanufikile)
  • Uzalo Season 5 and 6 (Sibonelo)

Wiseman Mncube Lost His Baby Mama In 2018


The multi-talented Uzalo actor is a father of one. His daughter, Lwandle, was born in 2014 by his then-girlfriend. When his daughter was four in 2018, tragedy struck when he lost his baby mama. Although details have not been provided on how she died, he celebrated what would have been her 30th birthday on Instagram

The circumstances behind the loss are not known, but since then, he has continued to take care of his child as a single parent. After the death of his baby mama, Wiseman revealed that he made a promise that he was going to always take care of his daughter in a responsible way and the path of the Lord.

He revealed that he would make sure his daughter never gets to feel that she has only a parent as he would always be there for her. The actor now continues to give her all the love he has, and he spends his free time with her. He also revealed that his daughter is a very curious little girl, and she also loves acting.

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