A Leap Of Nyaope – Man Jumps From Two Storeys Building Feeling Fly


Nyaope, whoonga or wunga, dagga or marijuana, ecstacy, benzodiazepines, mandrax, cocain, crack, methamphetamine, heroin, Amphetamine-type stimulants, opiates, opioids are some of the many substance that make South Africans see things. Let’s not talk about the many other nameless shitty things they do to get high.

But if you’re curious, i’d inform you that some get their brain screwed by inhaling messed air for hours. All they do is find a messed public toilet intoxicated with the smells of rotten urine and sit there until their sensibilities are completely wasted.

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It’s been long concluded that drug addiction is a serious problem in South Africa, but I’d add that the problem is more worrisome in the more disadvantaged areas as it practically offers a euphoric escape for those who are exhausted by needs and harsh living.

Report has it that a man got himself seriously injured when he jumped off from a two storey building yesterday after the substance he took gave him high-spirited hallucinations.

Confirming this event, ER24 spokesperson Pieter Rossouw related that those who witnessed the event narrated to paramedics that the man was screaming that someone was chasing him whereas they didn’t see anybody after him.

As related, “ER24 paramedics and other rescue services arrived on scene and tried to get the man to come down to safety. When authorities took out flashlights in order to see better, the man allegedly believed that they were firearms and then jumped off the building.”

His leap landed him in an empty parking lot, gave him some several serious injuries and fractures.

His friends reportedly “told authorities that the man had taken several drugs including “ecstasy” and had started hallucinating in the car while they were driving. When they stopped to assist him, he got out of the car and ran to the building from which he then later jumped.”

Rossouw further related that even after the man was injured, it took more than five men to hold the man in his mid-twenties down for paramedics to treat his injuries.

He was subsequently transported to Northdale Hospital for further treatment while local authorities are still investigating to ascertain the claims surrounding the event.

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