A Guide For Getting Your Old Original Matric Certificate If You Lost It

The days that people underestimate the importance of one’s original matric certificate are long gone. Today, everyone understands that without this certificate, one’s academic growth and career growth can be hampered significantly. Thus, it becomes imperative for one to find a replacement for an old one if the old one is damaged or destroyed.

With that said, getting a replacement may be the right thing to do, but it is not as easy as getting it in the first place. There are some procedures and steps required for one to take before you can get a new one in place of the old that is either damaged or lost. Here are all the steps you can take to get a new original certificate.

What To Do When Your Old Original Matric Certificate is Lost Or Damaged

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In a situation whereby you have lost your original certificate, or it is damaged so much that you require a new one to be issued, you can get a new one, but there are some important things to know. For example, when the document is damaged, the first thing you are required to do is to return the damaged copy to the Department of Basic Education (DPE) or the Provincial Education Department (PED).

If, on the other hand, the document is lost, you will need to continue with the processes stated below:

  • You will need to make a payment for the document’s reissuing through the Post Office service, or it can be done by cheque. More easily, you can make this payment in cash at DBE or PED office.
  • Visit the nearest DBE and PED offices with your necessary documents.
  • There is also nothing that stops you from downloading the form online, filling it, and then reposting it through the post office to DBE and PED offices using Private Bag X895, Pretoria, 0001.
  • Also, ensure that you attach all your important documents before you post the re-issuing request.

Here Are All The Documents You Will Need

It doesn’t matter whether the document is damaged or lost; the documents you will need to process a replacement are almost similar. Nonetheless. Here are the documents you need to have with you:

  • You will need to get an affidavit from the court stating what happened to your certificate, whether it is lost or destroyed, and how it happened.
  • If the document is damaged, you will need to also come along with the damaged copy.
  • You will also need to have an original identity document (ID) and a certified copy.

There is a Slight Difference When The Certificate is Damaged

Although the process of getting a new certificate is the same whether it is damaged or lost to fire, robbers, or in any other way, there are still some slight differences. When it is only damaged but still available, you can present the old certificate while applying for a replacement.

When the document is lost, and you do not have it entirely, this is when you will be requested to swear an affidavit stating what happened only. That said, you also need an affidavit when it is damaged but will join it with the damaged certificate. Other things such as the time it will take to be ready and the fee are all the same.

The Time It Will Take You To Get A New Matric Certificate

Before or by the time you start applying for a new matric certificate, it is expected that one obtains one’s statement of results immediately because it will be useful since the replacement of the old certificate takes a while before it can finally be issued.

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Typically, the replacement can take anything from four weeks and above, depending on whether your records are on the system or not. If you have your records on the system, it will take between four to six weeks for you to finally have a replacement certificate.

However, if the records are not on the system, it is sure to take a much longer time. In this scenario, you may have to wait for more than six weeks. This is because the records have to be retrieved from the archive before being uploaded to the system, and then a replacement can be made for you.

The good news is that, as stated, you have your statement of result to cover for you pending the time your original certificate will be processed and be ready for collection.

You Will Need To Make Some Payments For A Replacement Of Your Original Matric Certificate

No, getting a new certificate to be issued to you is not free as some charges come with it, including charges for a statement of result that is needed before the replacement is finally made. Here is a quick run of all the fees involved:

  • Re-issue certificate: R130
  • Statement of results: R50
  • These fees are only valid for a period of one year. 

Note: you can only ask for a replacement if you have been issued a certificate in the first instance. If you have not been issued, the process will be different. Also, the fee you pay may be higher when are posting your documents since you will cover payments for postal services.

The Copy Of Your Original Matric Certificate Cannot Be Gotten Online

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If you have ever had a cause to wonder whether or not you can get your original matric certificate online, the simple answer is no; there is no way to access or download one’s original matric certificate online.

That said, you can only submit a request for it to be re-issued to you online after you must have lost or damaged it. You can make an online payment for the certificate to be re-issued via the E-services portal.

Other Reasons Why You May Request For A Replacement (Reissuing)

Apart from getting lost and getting damaged, there are many other reasons why one may request for a new matric certificate to be reissued. Here are some:

Administrative Errors

The school or department errors in terms of personal details, scores, subjects, or any other thing on the certificate will warrant another certificate to be re-issued. However, one is required to request this within six months after the initial certificate was issued and not later than a year.

 Alteration of Sex Description and Sex Status

In a case where there is an alteration in relation to one’s sex description or status, one is allowed to apply for the certificate to be re-issued. When granted by the Director – General of the Department of Home Affairs, the information will be corrected on the database, and a new certificate will be issued.

Change of status

For those who have sat for more than one matric and wish to combine the different results, you may need to apply for a Replacement certificate (change of status) since it is not automatically done.

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