A Father Shot Dead While Protecting His Family From Heavily Armed Gang


There have been several mysterious deaths taking place all around the South African country with just a few of the cases recorded by the police. But what makes the death of this father heroic might shock you.

43-year-old Raymond Collyer, a resident of the coastal KwaZulu-Natal town of Amanzimtoti dedicated his life to protect his family when he had bullet put through his chest in the process.

According to report from Daily News, the former police officer and managing director of GDH Security was killed at a family gathering on Friday night when a gang of robbers stormed a family braai at his home.

According to his brother Wayne, the incident which took over five minutes to unfold, had the group of armed robbers strike just after 22:00 when the family had just finished their dinner and the adults moved inside while the children played outside.

Among those at home when the chaos broke out as the men burst in were two teenagers and four children under the age of eight, he said.

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The robbers were said to have broken in through the family’s kitchen, they blockaded the only entrance to the lounge and started firing at random. “We were caged in,” Wayne said.

Few minutes later, Raymond, Wayne and Grant, as well as Wayne and Grant’s wives, were in the lounge when they heard a scream from the kitchen. It happened to be that of Raymond’s wife Shirley.

On hearing this, Raymond jumped up and tried to take down one of the robbers. “My wife was sitting next to Raymond and she must have seen them in the kitchen because she screamed too,” Wayne said

But unfortunately, after a short fight between the attackers and Raymond alongside their other brother Grant, he was shot in the chest.

dead father

The attackers were also reported to have armed themselves with guns and knives, and Wayne reported that before his brother was shot, he was first overwhelmed by the attackers and that he heard his brother saying ‘Ngiyaxolisa’ (Zulu for ‘I’m sorry’) after which they demanded for keys.

However, Raymond’s wife was said to have sneaked out to alert neighbors who responded by activating their alarms which made the robbers to hastily run out taking some jewelries and cellphones.

“We tried to stop the bleeding and apply pressure,” Wayne said as Raymond’s voice gradually faded while he was complaining of pains and inability to breath.

Raymond was described as “someone who was successful at everything he did” and a talented sportsman – which the trophies and certificates on the walls of his home attested to.

“He left an impact on everyone he met,” he said. “We’ve had so many people calling us. Raymond never held a grudge and was always ready to give people second chances, a role model to his three sons”

“We’re all just devastated. “At least he died around the people he loved,” Wayne said.

Though Raymond’s wife was too traumatized to speak to the press, the police official, Lieutenant Nqobile Gwala said they are currently investigating the case of murder. He also revealed that there were four intruders and no arrest has been currently made.

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