Hilarious: A Drunk Cow Is Suffering Hangover In Kenya


Ever seen a drunk cow? You obviously haven’t. You’ll however read about one here. Reports have it that a cow in Kenya, got excessively wasted after she ambushed and gulped down 40 liters of a traditional brew stored for a traditional ceremony.

Ntv captured that “residents of Siaka village in Kanduyi constituency Bungoma county had undergone a strange experience for few days owing to an incident where a cow belonging to one of them got drunk after taking traditional liquor. The cow almost turned blind and has been unable to walk for four consecutive days.”

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As related, “the owner was surprised to find his cow unusually unable to move. Efforts by the residents, together with the local regional officers to carry it” failed…

A villager who couldn’t stomach that the cow drank the booze kept for their ceremony describe the incident as witchcraft. “How can a cow get drunk?” he persistently inquired.

A veterinary doctor who was called in to help said the cow will be able to walk soon as she’s already on medication.

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Meanwhile, this wouldn’t be the first time an animal got drunk. There was an incident where a drunk monkey terrorized men in a bar with a kitchen knife in Brazil.

The monkey reportedly became aggressive after drinking leftover rum. The animal then grabbed a foot-long knife and began chasing the male drinkers, ignoring the females.

The bar owner was left with no option but to call for help. He buzzed the fire brigade who eventually captured the monkey after a long chase, and later released it into a nature reserve.

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