Check Out The Most Ridiculous Things Your President Said Of Late


Am I the only one enthusiastic about the peculiarity of the leader of our country? Yes, we have a very peculiar president. Zuma’s kinds are uncommon, and no matter how bad you guys distaste the buddy, he’s special, and smart.

If you think he isn’t, I dare you to emerge the president of this country without getting an education, I dare you to get us upgrade an Nkandla for you the way Zuma did, I dare you to desire a R4 billion private jet from us, I dare you to laugh at the parliament during an important gathering, and I dare you to say preposterous things like “all continent put together will fit into Africa” when everyone is waiting on you to say meaningful things.

Our president is special in a rare way, his statements are inspired by some mysterious factors and I love it. This outlet once captured some of those unusual things our president said in a publication titled “Top 7 ANC’s Disturbing Quotes.” But as you should know, our rainbow nation unfolds many events each day, and some of those events saw our president add more absurd statements to his archives. So here is an update on the ridiculous things Honorable Mr president said of late.

1. He Used Apartheid As An Excuse Again And It Was For Violence This Time

The violence in our society is inherited from the violence perpetrated during the apartheid system and the violence [sic] response it engendered.

While responding to a question that inquired if the president would initiate a scientific investigation in order to figure out the reasons behind the increasing violence in the country, the president made it clear that he wouldn’t rely on any scientific jargon to tell him what he already know. To him, violence in South Africa is simply apartheid’s fault.

2. He Lectured Business Leaders On The Largeness Of Africa

This continent (Africa) is the biggest continent in the world not separated by even rivers, rivers…flow with the continent they don’t cut it into half or quarter, all continent put together will fit into Africa.

Well, we shouldn’t be surprised by this no matter how embarrassing it is. After-all we know the academic qualifications of our presidents. Don’t just allow your kids listen to the president when he’s talking geography.

3. He Laughed About His Laughs

“I don’t know how to stop my laughter, is it hurting?…My laugh, my laugh is not hateful, it’s healthy…hehehe!”

If you think you’ll ever get the president to account for certain things that, like gross mismanagement you’d be wasting your time. All you’ll ever get is a healthy laugh.

4. He Revealed His Love For South Africa

It is, in fact, because of the love of my country and my commitment to its success that I believe that the ANC should be stronger so that it can lead us to a united and prosperous society…There is therefore no reason to retract the statement I made…the ANC is taking South Africa today to its prosperity, no other party can do it except the ANC.

Our leader is sincere and he wouldn’t deceive us. He love his country but is in Love with the ANC. Noting can take the place of ANC, and the president will not retract his statement – the one below –

5. But Professed A Greater Love For ANC

I think my organisation, the ANC, comes first (before South Africa)

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