Don’t Attempt To Claim Any $9.5M From National Treasury


Certain miracles are simply impossible, you can’t reap what you didn’t sow, trying to do as such will bring you trouble.

SA Finance Ministry has warned against any attempt to claim a $9.5m from the National Treasury.

As culled from a news 24 report, fraudsters are again, trying to swindle unwary South Africans with the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s name.

This time, they’re promising to release your $9.5m. All you’ll have to do is send in your personal information within five days.

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Check out the content of the scam email below

I write in respect of your fund brought to the department of National Treasury earlier today from Reserve bank under your name.

From the reports contained in the file having your information attached to the fund, the fund was supposed to be transferred to you from Reserve bank, but was not due to some reasons that were not mentioned in the file.

The fund is 9.5m USD. Are you aware of the fund? This notification stands as the first and final notice to you for you to claim your fund and after 5 working days of this notification, if I do not hear from you, I will have no option than to declare the fund government’s fund.

Please re-confirm the following details;

1. Your full name and address.

2. Your age and occupation.

3. Your cell phone number.

Revert back to me as soon as get this email, so that we can process the release of your fund to you.

Yours Sincerely.

Pravin Gordhan

Honorable Minister of Finance,

Republic of South Africa.

Recently, Hawks arrested over 55 suspects for fraud crimes. Most of them were Nigerian nationals. The fraudsters were arrested for crimes varying from internet fraud, phishing and sim swap fraud.

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Following the arrests, it was uncovered that the account numbers used by the suspects to transfer money were opened by South Africans who willingly handed their ATM cards and details to the fraudsters for a pay.