Once in a while you get to meet a president who stands out-even in a room filled with skilled, well experienced, successful, and highly educated people. One who isn’t just remarkably charismatic while sleeping, but also remarkably likable when he falls asleep in public. The 90-year old Zimbabwean president does a tremendous amount of thinking, which might be one of the reasons for his regular “doze-offs” in very nearly all the political related occasions he attends.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe at National Heroes Acre in Harare
The guardian

You could say he is trying to figure out many ideas even though implementation, and results are everything. Robert Mugabe was elected AU chairman at the summit in Addis Ababa last week. But, guess what? He was also spotted sleeping in that very occasion. Okay, I particularly know much is expected of him which is why he thinks a lot just as every other president does, but Mugabe’s thinking has somehow degenerated to regular snoring in public meetings and conferences and it is turning into a hobby. View the photos of the different occasions he had been caught Think-snoring.

Those flags were quietly screaming “Sleep on my President”! Who cares after all?


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This photo was taken last week at the AU Summit. Hope the voters saw it. 


Why white glasses then? Dark glasses would have done the job better.


This meeting must have bored them to sleep…everybody is dozing! The speaker’s voice must have sounded like a lullaby.


Sleeping like a boss!


Let me know when you are through, as for now, i’m off.


Isn’t it funny how he can sleep in any kind of position?


Well considering his age, I think its safe to cut him some slack. He needs all the rest he can get.