8 Most Efficient Ways To Recognize True South African Drug Addicts

Check up the nooks and crannies of South Africa, you will be startled a thousand times at the complex range of drugs and numerous substances South Africans consume just to get ‘high’.

It’s been said that most drug addicts depend on the substances they take to escape from their problems, stress, anxiety, and depression. However, if the innovation and skills South Africans use to create, blend and cocktail these powerful influencing drugs are channeled towards finding solutions to their troubles, they would definitely be better off.

Of course, you know of the traditional substances like heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. But South Africans have gone creative and as such narcotics trending currently are very far from the usual ones we know. Things like ‘nyaope’ and ‘whoonga’ are now made out of marijuana (‘dagga’) blended with other substances you’ll never imagine like crust from dirty gutters, substances used to kill insects, rat poison and at times crushed up medicines.

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There are those who equally hunt down liquid glues to inhale especially when they are out of cash to procure their favorite drug treat. To them, these adhesives are potent substitutes for getting high.

These compulsive drug use by South Africans subsequently creates a load of social problems for South Africa. Thus, as early discovery and immediate introduction of rehabilitation packages have over time proven to be the most useful remedy to combat the social disorder of drug addicts, the under-listed are the typical ways to identify the drug addicts of South Africa.

How To Recognize Drug Addicts

1. Strange And Unpleasant Body, Cloth And Breath Odor

smell2If you’ve frequently wondered why some South Africans smell like a dirty ashtray full of horse shit, wonder no more. They are involved with drugs. These bad smells are most peculiar in the streets of Durban and communities in the Western Cape.

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 2. Bloodshot Eyes With Pupils Smaller Or Larger Than Normal

eye4I’m sure you are a witness to the frightening eyeballs roaming South African streets. You can bet that’s not the way those eyes were some 5 or more years ago. It’s the handiwork of drugs. Someone should please help correct this ‘scaring eye’ events. The coming generation of South Africans might settle with the belief that the typical South African eyes are meant to be displeasing to the sight.

3. Persons Who Can’t Explain Their Injuries And Accidents

The only explanation to South Africans that cannot tell you how they got involved in an accident or how they got injured is that they are drug addicts. Some will even coin some incoherent story about it, but then, ask for the story to be retold and you’ll have numerous versions of the same story that you’ll never be able to put all together. Do not insist on getting a straight accurate account of how they got hurt. You’ll never get the information you want and you’ll have their outrage to battle with when you get too inquisitive. Just seek help for such persons. They’re addicted to some really crazy stuff.

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4. Persons That Are Frequently Getting Into Trouble

Due to the unstable mood enabled by the substances South African drug addicts take, they are usually inspired to act according to the dictates of their mood. As such, you’ll easily identify them as they are often fiercely arguing, always involved in a fight, and usually named in illegal acts. They cannot just stay away from trouble.

5. Persons Who Are Always In Urgent Need Of Money

urgent moneyPerhaps, you have a neighbor that always asks you to help him or her with little money to help them sought out little pressing problems here and there; perhaps you’ve been surprised that they sometimes do come around with valuables, offering to sell them to you at a rate way below their values just because they want the said problem gone. Well, the problem is drugs. You’ve been sponsoring a drug addict. The picture above shows Young ‘nyaope’ addicts searching through disused construction material in the hope of finding some scrap metal which they can sell to purchase the drug.

6. Sudden Mood Swings

moodswingCertainly, you’ve seen some South Africans easily exasperated, excited and angered. In a moment, you will find them quiet and calm, and just when you’re about to conclude that they probably want to keep to themselves, there they are loudly spreading offensive jokes, then they are again suddenly calm which will be followed by outbursts of laughter and then intense anger. While expressing such emotions, you as the bystander is challenged with the necessity to understand or explain the behavior. Anyways, you have to stop trying to understand the exhibitors of such behaviors. They are simply, drug addicts.

7.  Persons With Unstable Coordination

Look out for South Africans with incoherent and slurry speech. Those that are unnecessarily, and seemingly, involuntarily shaking. They have probably been in the act of abusing drugs for a very long time.

8. Persons That Experience Sudden Epileptic Seizures

When someone you’ve known for quite some time suddenly starts experiencing seizures without a history of epilepsy, then the possibility that such persons are drug addicts is very high.

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