71-Year-Old Woman Raped In The Most Shocking Manner By Someone She Knows


How disgusting is rape in South Africa? Don’t answer that I’ll tell you. It is hugely depressing, agonizing, insane, shocking, horrific, startling, appalling, barbarous, brutal, cruel, merciless, ferocious, loathsome, sickening, nauseous, repulsive and excessively detestable.

Wait, that’s not enough. I mean – I can go on with the description and refer you to a rape incident for every descriptive word mentioned.

For instance, there’s this man who raped 7 of his daughter’s friends, another impregnated his daughter three times, one raped and murdered his lover’s toddler, then some dude raped a dog.

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An American woman campaigning against rape in the country was raped, some three ladies were kidnapping and raping men on gun point, a sick woman was raped at the emergency unit in a hospital, two women raped another with a teaspoon, some lunatics were raping and hanging babies on trees, and five officers are already being accused of rape this year.

I told you, the incidents are endless to list, and now we just have to add another ugly incident to our archives.

Report has it that the Willowvale police in the Eastern Cape are hunting down a rapist who allegedly attacked and raped a 71-year old woman who was asleep with her 10-year-old granddaughter at her home in Mndundu Village at Willowvale.

Confirming this incident, police spokesperson, Captain Jackson Manatha related that the suspect kicked the door open, attacked and raped the old sleeping woman, then ran away.

The police spokesperson however, revealed that the suspect is known both to the woman and her granddaughter. With that he added that it’s been expected for an arrest to happen soon.

Also, it was further related that “Butterworth Cluster Commander Brigadier Stanley Sibidla condemned the attack” stating that the “police would make sure the perpetrator was brought to book.”

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