7 Ways To Know You’re In Love

There are a few things in this world that are truly and limitlessly beautiful. Of all the things you consider beautiful, nothing feels as good as falling in love.

Love is beautiful, it’s one intoxicating and whirlwind ride. Here’s the thing about love, sometimes it’s so unpredictable that you don’t even realize you’re falling into it.

When you spend time with someone, as a friend or in a relationship, feelings are bound to arise but if you don’t understand what is going on, it can be confusing and overwhelming but once you understand your feelings, it definitely becomes easier to navigate. So here are a few ways to know when you’re falling in love:

1. When They Are The Best Part Of Day

Think about this, if you’ve had a particularly bad day and literally cannot wait to spend it with someone in particular, maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend, because you know the minute you see them – your day gets a whole lot better, the chances are high that you are in love with this person.

Only someone you’re in love with can make your day go from drab to fab in a matter of seconds. When the moments you spend with them doing mundane things are a lot better than the times you spend doing epic things with someone else, then yes – you are in love. Congratulations.

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2. They Are All You Think About

This might actually sound cliche but if they’re all you think about, the first thing on your mind when you wake and the last thing on your mind before you go to sleep then there’s a reason for that.

This particular cliche has lasted the test of time because it is actually true. So if you find yourself unable to stop thinking about your significant other or friend, then maybe it’s time to come to terms with your feelings for them.

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3. You Prioritise Their Needs Before Yours

When you find yourself easily putting their needs before yours, without a doubt or a moment’s hesitation, then the chances of you being in love with them is probably high. After all, love is selfless.

You know you love someone if there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for them, regardless of the fact that it might be at odds with your own needs and desires. You find peace in the fact that you know there isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for you either.

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4. You Love All Their Imperfections

Love is unconditional. It’s easy to tell you’re falling in love when you stop requiring them to be perfect but accept everything about them as they are. Their ‘imperfections’ become those little unique qualities that you grow to love, you acknowledge them as those quirky qualities that you cannot help but fall in love with too. When you know all of their faults and admire them nonetheless, that is usually a telltale sign.

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5. You Think Long Term

When you begin imagining them in your future, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in love. But once you can’t imagine your future without them, then yes, you are in love.

You make long-term decisions with them in your life unprompted, you see where you’ll both be together in the next three years, in the next five years,  for the next decade. Once this begins to happen, it’s usually a good sign you’re serious about your significant other.

6. You Try To Become Better For Them

Once you love someone, you want to be deserving of them. Because of this, you begin to modify yourself maybe unintentionally at first but when you begin making changes to your person so you can be worthy of them, this is a sign.

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If there’s something about yourself they don’t like, for example, if you sleep a lot, you tend to make changes such as waking up earlier for them. To you, you don’t see this as a sacrifice but what is necessary.

7. You Want To Shout It From The Rooftops, You’re In Love!


You always cease any available opportunity to tell people about them. You want to tell people about those little quirks that make you love them or that amazing place they took you to for dinner on your birthday. You simply want the world to know about this amazing person.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve got it bad. This isn’t a terrible thing by any means but instead an evolution in your relationship. Well done.

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Eddy Valerii
Eddy Valerii
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