7 Suspected Witches Burnt To Death In Malawi


The rising rate of killings of people who have been accused of witchcraft has drastically increased across African countries drawing international concerns. Not long after the story of an abandoned child in Nigeria who was driven out of the community for suspected witchcraft, recent story today has it that a group of angry mob set 7 people ablaze in Malawi for witchcraft.

The mob in southern Malawi were said to have lighted these men because they were found with bones which they would have used to perpetrate their evil acts. “The mob took it upon themselves to burn them with petrol,” Kirdy Kaunga, head of the Nsanje district police said.

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According to a traditional chief, Tengani, the people’s suspicions were aroused when one of the seven was found moving and making unclear phone conversation after he was found with a bag containing bones.

He was chased and arrested.

The man is said to have confirmed that his bag contained human bones and that’s when the mob began rounding up the seven and burned them, one by one.

Upon arrival at the scene on Tuesday in Nsanje, the southernmost district of Malawi, the police found the men being burned on a patch of grass surrounded by locals, with some children looking on.

According to the police spokesman for the southern region James Kadazera, proper investigation and postmortem of the discovered bones would be made by the officials and experts to establish whether they are albino humans or not”.

“We also want find out who actually torched these people,” he added while stating that it was totally unlawful and act of injustice for the public to take burn the seven. The seven were unidentified as they were burnt beyond recognition.

Albinos have been a regular victims of the continuous killings as their body parts has been components for rituals in some African countries like Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania.

At least six albinos have been reported killed in Malawi since a surge in attacks which began in December 2014, although UN agencies put the figure at nine.

In September, a teacher was arrested on suspicion of trying to sell an albino schoolgirl for $10,000, and several others are awaiting trial in connection with albino-related crimes, including murder, abduction and possession of their bones.

Last summer, Malawi launched an investigation into the root cause of the albino murders, in a move backed by the United Nations Children’s Fund and government has in the recent times, launched awareness events as a way of protecting the Albinos.

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