7 Reasons Why You’ll Never Get That Dream Date From A Dating Site

Quit wondering why you have zero-luck wining your ideal date on dating sites. You’re yet to receive the anticipated message from the dream guy or lady because your profile is just like every other profile. There’s absolutely nothing remarkable about you. In as much as you’re reluctant to admit this, it’s a fact. You’ll always attract unremarkable persons except when you’ve got fascinating-real-info that are exceptional on your profile. Then and only then will you get to meet some cool guys/ladies unlike the weirdos you were unfortunate to arouse their interest.

For instance, you don’t describe yourself with a phrase like “I like shark attacks” and wonder why the lady that phrase attracted tell you stuff like “I want to get married dressed like a zombie”. The word “attack” gives chills. Why can’t you just “enjoy marine animals”?

To land you your dream date, HuffingtonPost consulted dating experts who revealed the most common errors on profiles responsible for the dissatisfaction on dating sites. Based on all they said, the common errors and advice on how to write the ideal-date-winning profile are as discussed below.

Why You Haven’t Got A Date Yet

1. Your Profile Picture is Unflattering

profile pics

You should know that online daters skip through many profiles, make swift judgments about the profiles based solely on the profile pictures, and do reach out to those they consider attractive persons. So, what better way is there to show that you’re who they’re searching for than to display a flattering picture in your profile. Sorry but the cliché about first impression is valid here. You don’t have to depend solely on posting your “sexy throwback” pictures to win a date when you can get people to notice what you want them to see with clever cropping and best angle shots. Moreover, to come up with a striking profile picture, it is recommended you have your friend take snapshots of you when you’re confident, well-dressed and felling appealing.

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2. Your “About Me” Section Is Gravely Boring

A stunning profile picture may draw people in but your “about me” section remains the platform that will beckon “serious” persons. Nobody will tell you this but describing yourself as “sincere and honest” “easy-going” “not so uptight” is a turnoff. Those words and other similar expressions are boring and suggest that you’re either uninteresting or really need to develop some other qualities other than basic human decency. Spice up your profile with humour and that tells of your personality. That way, you show that you’re a really interesting person and will consequently pull people who have similar values, interest and lifestyle.

For instance, a lady attested that her about me section as shown below “bagged” her, her husband;

“…worn out mother of 2 with no free time and no interest in spending what little free time I manage to salvage talking crap with a complete stranger, I will make you laugh and that’s just the sight of me before 10 am any day, if you want an elegant lady ya in the wrong place, I fart, swear and dress for comfort only, I have very little education but will insist repeatedly that you are wrong in an argument about pretty much anything because I am as stubborn as an aging mule, if ya think ya can cope with me give me a bell!”

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about me2

3. You’re Holding On To Failed Relationships

Mentioning your ex or any other failed relationships isn’t cool. Why do you have to bother someone you hope to date with the faults and failures of your romantic history? It’s better to leave it all behind for It is really awkward to waste valuable space in your profile listing out negative traits you don’t want in your life and when the visitors are done reading the long list they’re still clueless about what you do like. The point here is that bringing up your past relationships sets a negative tone on your profile.

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4. Your First Messages Are Generally Awkward

It will do you good to note that the miracle of people responding to awkward first messages is steadily getting scarce. Trust me, it’s outrightly depressing and boring to receive a mere “hello”, “hi” “what’s up” and other similar expressions as initial messages. Wouldn’t you consider a guy walking up to you in a grocery store, saying “hey baby” and just standing there silently as odd? Why then act as such electronically? Hardly will any lady respond to an only “hi” message just as guys are bored to their spines with such messages. You’re advised to talk about what you’re about to message mentioned in their profile and ask a genuinely curious question about it.

5. You Made Your Child(ren) Your Focus  

Similar to the above is making emphasis on your children. You should know that there’s a stereotype about children resenting their mothers dating. That alone can scare off love-seekers who otherwise are “genuinely” interested in dating you. Other than that, saying things like “my kids are my life” is uncool. If you must talk about your kids, present it in a manner that demonstrates your openness to the possibilities of a relationship rather than communicates it as a warning. It Is however ultimately recommended that your child(ren) are not given much attention in your profile. Don’t post pictures of your kids or talk endlessly about being a parent.

6. You Wrote So Much “About You”

Humans are generally impatient. If your word count is out of control, you’re guaranteed to be your only reader. The “keep it short and simple” rule is ideal here. All you’ve got to do is to give out brief, catchy details that will inspire on positive people the desire to meet you. Thereby, you’ll get to reveal the rest intriguing stories about you. Please note that “short” does not imply you leave your “about me” section scanty and almost empty. It, however, suggests you avoid writing too long story about you.

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7. Your Username is Hard To Recall

While it’s true that with more people signing up on social sites, the more difficult it gets to come up with cool usernames. There’s however always room to be creative rather than identify yourself with forgettable usernames. What you call yourself may not matter for most but it’s worth taking your time to give yourself some “real” name rather than going with “child-like” names like “Sexy8Babe”. To come up with a cool name, its recommended you try out different variations until you emerge with a nice grown-up username.

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