Weep SA, Weep! – Almost 60 000 South Africans Are About To Lose Their Jobs


Already, many thousands, perhaps millions are unemployed in the country. Already, disaster is forthcoming because of these unemployed South Africans. Yet, a study report released today estimates that about 60 000 South Africans are about to join the unemployed folks.

The report which was released during a press conference held by Solidarity (Trade Union) in Pretoria highlighted that a total of 58 549 workers in various industries across South Africa are about to loss their jobs following the large-scale retrenchment processes initiated the previous year.

BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that the figures of the study are based on press reports and retrenchment notices issued since April 2015 by companies where the trade union represents members.

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Speaking, Dirk Hermann – Solidarity’s Chief Executive wailed that South Africa is hugely troubled by a storm that’s bent on ensuring many South Africans are degraded to the unemployed status.

Hermann identified the major factors fueling the storm to include “unstable global conditions; Chinese surpluses; weaker local growth prospects; the changed structure of the labor market; and weak commodity prices.

Political uncertainty sparked by the Nene debacle and political statements; systemic corruption and weakening investor confidence” were equally listed as factors that further contributed to the storm.

“To make matters worse new empowerment codes with totally unrealistic targets have been unilaterally announced for an already beleaguered mining industry,” he said.

And thereafter, asserted that the nation’s “dilemma is that President Jacob Zuma himself has become a symbol of a lack of confidence. As a result it is virtually impossible for government to do the single most important thing to calm the storm, and that is to create confidence,” Hermann argued.

Also, the report related that the prevailing retrenchments have increasingly ensured it’s difficult to find alternative work.

“It it usually happens that those who do find a job receive lower pay or accept a short-term job opportunity resulting in many families having to adjust their living standard to such an extent that it eventually becomes a fight for survival,” stated the report.

Check out the graphic representation of retrenchments in various industries below.

graphic representation of retrenchments in various industries

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Meanwhile, Solidarity General Secretary Gideon du Plessis commented that as almost 60 000 South Africans are about to loss their jobs, “the number of employees accepting voluntary severance packages is increasing at an alarming rate.”

According to Du Plessis, “many employees have simply reached a saturation point with having to work amid such uncertainty.”