Hilarious! 50 Cent Recounts How The Sight Of His Manhood “Traumatized” His Family


In Da Club rapper 50 Cent has revealed how the sight of his manhood on TV shocked heck outta his family members.

According to the American rapper, they were left “traumatised” after seeing his manhood during a masturbation scene on TV show Power.

Speaking during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 50 Cent talked about how his aunt was fuming after spotting his manhood on TV.

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Apparently, the 41-year-old rapper forgot to give her the heads up about the scene before it was aired.

“My aunt sees the show, and she’s like, ‘I’m traumatised!'” he said. “She texted me like, ‘What the f***? Why didn’t you tell me?'”

50 Cent explained that he was aware his manhood was going to play a certain role on the scene. However, he was completely unaware of how big it was going to look when viewed on TV.

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, who was having the time of his life listening, 50 Cent said:

“I knew it was there, but in the original clips, it was darker. It wasn’t on, like, a big screen, like a life-sized version.

“It wasn’t like, an accident. Courtney (showrunner) was like, ‘I didn’t want to show it to you in the beginning because I didn’t think you needed to see it at that point … You just gotta take one for the team.” 

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Consequently, he took to social media to warn Power creator, Courtney Kemp Agboh he was going to kill her. This was a playful threat for including the shot of his manhood on the show.

“Man I just saw episode 4, of POWER… Courtney I’m a kill you, this is not funny. I think I just saw my (eggplant icon) in a scene. What the f*** Courtney call my phone NOW!!!”

Nevertheless, fans of the crime drama series Power loved the scene.