42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyles

Straight up hairstyles are fast becoming the go-to styles among women these days. Apart from the fact that most straight-up hairstyles are easy to achieve, most women also like the fact that they can comfortably form buns with their hair or hair extension or allow it to freely dangle. This is one major advantage of updo hairstyles as there are times you don’t want your hair touching your body, especially when the weather is hot.

Most trending straight-up hairstyles are basically easy to maintain and convenient to wear. They have a way of highlighting and projecting one’s natural beauty – with or without hair extension. If you are searching for an elegant straight-up hairstyle, we have some for you.

South African Straight Up Hairstyles


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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This amazing and creative straight-up hairdo is very common and frequently rocked by South African ladies. It is an irresistible style that rocks anytime and has its root regenerated in African beauty.

It’s a fancy style that caught attention at the essence fest when Mary J. Blige rocked it to the event. The long, straight, and blonde strands are tied at the base and packed to one side.

The style will perfectly fit an oblong, round, triangle, and diamond face shape, and can be rocked with light jewelry and make-up. It is suitable for social events like wedding parties, birthday parties, award nights, movie premieres, normal daily outings, and get-together parties.


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This is another great beauty rebounder that makes our list of trending straight-up hairstyles. The style is one of the favourite for most stylish African beautiful ladies. The elegant nature of the straight-up hairdo and its make-up elements are incredible and will definitely make heads turn, and it’s suitable irrespective of the event or occasion.

The bun can be held tightly or the plaited hair can be loosely held, it all falls back to your preference and taste. One other unique attribute of this stunning hairstyle is its glittering golden color mixture, you will love to rock this hairstyle.

It best fits ladies with round, triangular, square, oblong, pear, and diamond face shapes. This style can also be rocked with your jewelry in moderation.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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This stunning straight-up hairstyle will truly express the African beauty in you. Your plaited hair extension strands can be styled by forming a neat side bun and packing the remaining hair into a circular knot towards the back of the head. This hairstyle discourages the discomfort of hair braid strands falling on your face.

A round, triangular, oblong, pear, and diamond face shape will perfectly rock this style for an awesome expression of beauty. Are you a lover of jewelry? It goes well with this spectacular hairstyle.


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Here, you have another self-expressive hairstyle that comes with some superb features for your elegance. For this style, the straight-up braids are partitioned into two high buns (one to the right side and the other to the left side) and the last partitioned braid strands flow down freely to the back of the head.

This style can be accessorized with beads of different colors, and it can be rocked to parties and other social events. In addition to these, your face type has to be round, triangular, diamond, oblong, or oval if you are to rock this style pretty well.

Cornrow Straight Up Hairstyles


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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Looking for one of the most comfortable ways to wear your ponytail style, rocking it in this form makes you feel relaxed, confident, and radiant. To make the most of this style, each of the braided strands could be accessorized with silver or gold cuffs for that adorable finishing.

In addition, you can use your earrings, necklace, and classic but moderate makeup for an irresistible attractiveness. Also, the following face shapes are excellent for this style, pear, oblong, square, triangle, rectangle, round, and diamond face shapes.


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You are definitely in a safe hand beauty-wise when it comes to wearing this style, as it unearths the natural beauty that makes you feel on top of the world, and the comfort the style brings in wearing it is second to none. You can style these thick braided strands in an updo like this ponytail. You will definitely look gorgeous rocking this hairstyle if you have an oblong, pear, triangular, round, or diamond face shape.


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You can rock this style conveniently with any hair length by weaving in extensions for the required extra length. This style is best for ladies with rectangular, square, pear, oblong, diamond, triangular, and round face shapes.

You can rock this for get-together parties, birthday parties, award nights, gala nights, and many other events. Blending in your jewelry for a perfect outing with this hairstyle won’t be a bad idea at all, nonetheless, if you are not the type that loves wearing jewelry, you will still be gorgeous in the hairstyle.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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This is another excellent straight-up hairstyle of the moment. With this style, you are good to go in expressing your beauty to the world in a classic form. This hairstyle will announce your personality in a simple and new dimension. The finely braided cornrows are worked into two separate space buns, one to the right side and the other to the left side.

You can rock the style if your face shape is oblong, round, square, rectangular, triangular, diamond, or pear. It can go well with jewelry or without jewelry. Also, the hairstyle can be accessorized with cowries for more beauty.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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This amazing hairstyle is another mind-blowing way of styling your hair for an attractive look that keeps all eyes on you. For this style, the hair is braided from the right side of the head to the left side and flows down freely. This style can be worn by ladies with triangular, round, square, oblong, and diamond face shapes. You can always wear jewelry to complement your beauty.


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This is beyond just a style, it is meant to redefine your elegance and confidence while taking comfort into cognizance. The straight-up braids are packed into a big fold-up, which keeps the hair strands off the face. This style can perfectly fit ladies with pear, oblong, triangular, oval, and diamond face shapes, it also fits ladies with slim, moderate, and slightly plump bodies.

It can be used for wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, church programs, get-together parties, award parties, school events, and office outings. Having said that, you can also rock this style with your makeup in moderation.


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Here’s another smart way to wear your straight-up cornrow if you love your comfort and will do anything to keep the strands off your body. This is just yet another great way of expressing that personality of yours in confidence and class. With well-braided hair packed into two big space buns accessorized with silver or golden rings, you are sure to get that first-class look you so desire.

Triangular, oblong, oval, round, square, rectangular, and diamond face shapes can rock this style. Also, this style goes down well with virtually all social events and occasions.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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This hairstyle might look easy but it takes so much creativity to achieve it. This is because of the parting designs involved. This type of beautiful cornrow straight-up hairstyle is done with hair extension attached to it. The finishing is achieved by packing the strands of the cornrows up and tying them together with one of the strands, thereby forming a round bun-like shape. It is further secured through stitching (with thread and needle) to make it firmer.

This style can be rocked by every face type (round, oblong, pear, etc) and it is suitable for every kind of outing.


This is an amazing scalp braid style with its own uniqueness. You can be guaranteed of standing out with this style, and your presence is sure to create that awareness you so desire. The well-plaited cornrows with the mild shaved frontal sides are a good way to express your beauty in its natural form.

You can be assured of a good look with this style if your face shape is square, rectangular, oval, round, diamond, or pear. Wedding parties, birthday parties, school events, get-together parties, and official outings are some of the events you can attend with this style.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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These braids are weaved in cornrows, packed up and tied, while the remaining part of the hair is formed into free curls. This style is very simple and easy to maintain, the comfort level you enjoy while wearing it is second to none. You can rock the style perfectly well if you have an oblong, pear, round square, and rectangular face. For your birthday parties, school events, get-together parties, and more, you are good to go with this style.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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This style is another way of expressing natural beauty and simplicity. The well-braided cornrows are packed up and made into a high bun, and that is it. The style comes with great comfort for the wearer and comes with its good way of presenting you to the public, as the fashionista that you are.

This style will definitely match with every face type and the style should be good for any event. Your makeup can perfectly blend with this style when applied in moderation.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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If you love it extra long, this style will do the magic. The medium-size straight-up, twisted, and long braids are made into a bun and the strands flow down. This style is unique in its own sense and can be rocked by young ladies with oval, triangular, oblong, diamond, and square faces. Also, the style can be made with silver or gold accessories for additional styling.


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This style is not only simple but also saves a lot of time. It is simply styled into a ponytail and then secured tightly at the center of the head. The style has low maintenance and is highly comfortable to wear.

This straight-up cornrow hairstyle is suitable for any type of event, including social gatherings. It perfectly fits people with triangular, oblong, pear, oval, round, square, or rectangular faces.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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Mohawk has been around for a long time. To achieve this style, you have to finish with the cornrow first and then attach the hair extension from the middle of the scalp down to the desired length of your client. The extension used for the mohawk is usually weaved into bigger long braids, which, of course, is the beauty of the style.

This style is suitable for most occasions, including parties and casual outings. Regardless of your facial type, mohawk doesn’t disappoint as it naturally makes every woman a beauty to behold.

Straight Up Braids Hairstyles


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We absolutely love this style because of its uniqueness, the creativity involved, as well as how smoothly it sits on the head. The fact that it is partitioned neatly into two buns makes us love it the more. If you can rock one bun, why not two?

Though this particular style takes a long time to make due to the partitioning, its maintenance level is not high and it is very comfortable to wear.

If you love natural hairstyles, trying out this style won’t be a bad idea. Whether your face is oblong, round, square, or even oval, it will certainly bring out your beauty. And, you can rock the style at both formal and informal events.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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The style is quite unique and requires so much creativity on the part of the braider. It is achieved by sectioning the braids into many parts that will end up forming a centipede-like pattern. It is further beautified with a mohawk on the top.

This style will definitely fit anyone that has an oval, round, triangular, or diamond face. It is also the go-to style for social events and parties, including birthday celebrations, gala nights, award nights, and dance clubs.


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You can always rock this style with confidence anytime, any day regardless of your facial type. It is achieved by forming small braids into larger ones and creating a very massive bun with them.

It is not always easy to partition this type of hair but determination and focus will help a great deal to do it.

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42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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The color variety of this style makes it unique in its own way. You can rock this amazing, simple, convenient, and easy-to-manage hairstyle with less worry. It is achieved by braiding the hair together with a hair extension.

The extension is added in a way that it comes out lightly (just in contrast with the natural black hair) on the head. Then, the extension must be longer than your natural hair so that the brownish color will be achieved towards the end.

If you have a triangular, oval, diamond, round, or oblong face, you are good to rock this style. Also, feel free to attend any occasion – both formal and informal – wearing it.


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The way the black natural hair is fused together with the blonde hair extension is one thing that makes this style outstanding. Its beauty is perfected by the big bun formed with the braids, making the style one of a kind.

Though the style looks gorgeous on people with fair skin complexion, it won’t be a bad idea to try it out if you are dark-skinned. Regardless of your facial type, this style will look great on you.

Straight Up Hairstyles With Natural Hair

Here are some of the best tyles that are worth trying for people that love rocking various hairstyles with their natural hair.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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If you can’t deal with or withstand the extra weight of hair extensions on your scalp, then you need to try out this style. It is achieved by plaiting the natural hair halfway and forming the remaining half into a puff.

You can conveniently wear this to your office or any other official outing, as well as to social events and parties. It will also suit all facial types.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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Yet another incredible hairstyle, this particular one does not require much slanting. Its updo and puff pattern makes it easy for anyone to naturally fall in love with it. It doesn’t require so much creativity and it has a low maintenance rate.

If you want to rock something that is naturally comfortable at parties, get-togethers, school events, and other social gatherings, then you need to try this style out. Because it is a natural hairdo, it will be suitable for people of all ages and facial types.


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This style is quite simple, time-saving, convenient to wear, and easy to maintain. People who wear this style hardly lose their originality and beauty – yes, this is because it is a natural hairdo that effortlessly brings out one’s beauty.

Feel free to go anywhere with it regardless of the type of face you have.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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Simplicity, class, convenience, elegance, are the real definitions of this style. With this style, you can enter anywhere without losing your confidence or feeling awkward. It is achieved by parting the natural hair into big boxes and then joining each individual braid together to form a single long braid and then packing the remaining hair (from the halfway point) into a huge curly updo puff.

Nothing beats the stylishness and smoothness of this hair. This is for you if you really want to be the center of attraction in every gathering because you don’t get to see this type of hair all the time.

You can also wear this style to your office or other official outings and engagements. It perfectly fits people with a round or long face.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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If you are the type that doesn’t have all the time to sit down for hairstyling, then this style is for you. As you can see, it is time-saving, classy, comfortable, and easy to maintain. The style is made by firmly packing your hair into an updo style and then forming the remaining part into a big fold of high bun.

You will be done with the styling before you even realize it because this is one of the simplest natural hairdos to undertake. Interestingly, this style will fit any type of face and will be great for social events and other engagements.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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This style will definitely make you fall in love with natural hairdos. The hair is done by braiding neatly partitioned slanted hair into cornrows and packing the free braid strands into two – each on the left and right part of the head.

You can rock this style regardless of your face type and you can also flaunt it at any type of event or engagement.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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Here, the braids are packed and tied with a bow tie to form a low ponytail while the tip end of each braid strand is decorated with colorful beads. This style is another unique way of expressing your beauty and personality in simplicity and class. It is unique because of the way it is parted – the C curve makes it absolutely beautiful.

The style is convenient and easy to maintain. It will perfectly fit any occasion and can be rocked by both kids and adults.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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This style is a diversion from the regular straight-slanting cornrow updo hair. A look at the picture above shows how the braider creatively slanted the hair to give it a beautiful curvy parting.

This style will be ideal for school kids, as well as adults, especially when you want something natural and classy at the same time. You may decide to form a bun with the hair or allow it to dangle as you move around – the choice is all yours.

People with square, rectangular, round, pear, or oblong faces can rock this style and it is suitable for all kinds of outings, including get-together parties, church events, birthday and wedding anniversary events.

Big Straight Up Hairstyles

If you are a fan of big braids of straight-up styles, we’ve selected some of the finest hairstyles to make you look your best and also make heads turn anywhere you find yourself.


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This style is a definition of comfort and beauty. The process of making it consumes less time and it is easy to maintain. The style is achieved by creating curves from the front and then braiding the hair with hair extension to form a big braid at the upper part of the head.

This style makes it possible for fresh air to freely flow across the head. You might also choose to form a bun with the hair extension or rock it like that with confidence. It fits most people with oblong faces.

Whether you have an oblong face or not, this style will definitely bring out your natural beauty on both formal and informal occasions.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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I love this style in particular because of the way the braids sit smoothly on the lady’s head. You can rock this style whenever you need something stylish and elegant. It takes little to take care of this beautiful hairstyle.

With the big braids sitting tightly on your head, you are sure, at least, that they will not get weak soon or even fall off after a couple of weeks (especially for those that have weak or no frontal hair).

Regardless of your facial shape, you can never go wrong with this style. Also, feel free to rock it at any special occasion or formal environment.


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This hairstyle brings you into the royal class and makes you look more like a queen. Your comfort is highly guaranteed with this style and we absolutely love it. If you are about to walk down the aisle, you may consider doing this beautiful straight-up hair for your big day.

People with round faces rock this style better. But if your facial shape is pear, oblong, or square, you might also want to try it out.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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This straight-up hairstyle is one of the prettiest styles on our list. It is simple, classy, convenient to wear, and has low maintenance. It naturally expresses beauty in all forms and also makes the face prettier.

This style is achieved by twisting the hair into long and big strands of braids which are then formed into a big bun.

You can rock this hairdo anywhere in the world regardless of your facial type. However, it is also an excellent option for official outings.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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This is not your regular updo hairstyle. This one is unique and elegant at the same time. The parting of this hair is what makes it more attractive – triangular partings are braided and then attached to a bigger braid, forming a beautiful style.

You may choose to wear it with a bun or you can rock it with the strands falling down the back. This style is suitable for all types of faces and can go well with any occasion and event.


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This is a great hairdo for lovers of ponytails. If you like your hair held high, then it won’t be a bad idea to try out this particular style. Without mincing words, you can clearly see that this style is simple yet classy, maintenance is easy and it’s comfortable to wear.

You will look pretty rocking this style if your face type is round, rectangular, square, or pear. In addition, you can wear this hairstyle to birthday parties, wedding anniversary parties, get-together parties, church events, school events, and more.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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If you must stand out from the crowd, you must learn to do things differently. Believe me, you might end up becoming an idol or a role model to someone when you rock regular hairstyles differently.

The picture above shows a different way to rock the regular ‘shuku’ hairstyle. The infusion of the tiny braids by the sides makes the whole idea great and lovely. For this style, the thick braids are made into a ponytail using a blonde hair extension.

Square, rectangular, round, and pear faces are good to go with this hairstyle.

Thin Straight Up Hairstyles

Here are some of the finest thin straight-up hairstyles that can make you stand out and also draw attention to yourself.


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Who wouldn’t like this finely plaited hair with an amazing uniformity in size? The parting of this hairdo is so beautiful that you might be tempted to wear it longer than you originally planned.

This style is self-expressive enough to make anyone with a good fashion sense fall in love with the style easily. With its thin braid strands formed into a ponytail, it won’t be difficult to maintain it.

If you want to look good on any occasion, you might want to try this style, no matter your face type.


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Hair buns must not always be a one-layer thing, so if you love it more than one, you need to try this out. The buns are what actually make the updo style unique. It can make you stand out, especially with the way the hair is neatly partitioned.

You might want to add another color of hair extension to it to make it look more beautiful.


42 Trending Straight Up Hairstyle
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This hairdo is simply amazing. To achieve this, you have to form the tiny braided strands into middle-size buns. In the case of the picture above, the style has black and blonde color layers, which makes it even more beautiful.

This style is for all outings and facial types.


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This particular style exudes royalty and elegance. It fits people with oblong and oval faces more. The process involves plaiting tiny braids, which are formed into a curly crown fold at the top. This style will definitely give you a royal appearance.

You will definitely look amazing wearing this style to both formal events and informal outings such as weddings, birthday parties, church events, get-together parties, and school events.

To crown it all, the convenience and ease of maintenance that comes with this style are just enough to make you choose it.

In conclusion, your looks tell more of who you are. If you want to change and become more expressive through your hairstyle, then you might consider trying some of the excellent choices shared in this article.


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