Super News From Huruma, Kenya Building Collapse


In another miraculous survival in the Kenya collapsed building on Thursday, Kenya Red cross revealed that rescuers freed four people who had survived, buried under the rubble of the collapsed building in Nairobi for six days after it collapsed on Friday night.

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Three woman and a man were pulled out alive from the rubble on Thursday.

As rescue workers used their hands and power tools to dig out a woman who was the first to be found, doctors gave her oxygen and fed her by intravenous drip to re-hydrate her. She was carried out from the rubble to safety amid cheers from the crowd that gathered to witness the horrific incident.

The Kenyan Red Cross brought another pleasant news the same day as three more people were recovered alive from the debris of the Kenya collapsed building which crumbled to the ground after days of heavy rain that flooded the town.

“Super news! Three more people have been rescued alive from the Huruma building collapse. One male and two female,” the Red Cross announced on its Twitter feed.

Meanwhile, the leader of the operation told reporters that the death toll from the Huruma disaster has reached 36, while about 140 people have now been rescued and dozens still unaccounted for.

After thinking that all hope is lost, rescuers pulled out an unharmed baby from the wreckage whose mother was among those killed in the incident. The infant has since been reunited with the father.

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According to the Interior Ministry, the collapsed building had been marked for demolition considering that it was built too close to a river, but local authorities were yet to act on the demolition order. There had been several reports of previous building collapses in Kenya with lower death rates.

In the course of the investigations, police have questioned two owners of the building together with three local officials who were later released on bail on Wednesday.