35 Age-Defying Photos of Mamlambo from Uzalo in Real Life

Mamlambo is the name of the character of a prophetess in the popular South African soap opera, Uzalo. This character was brought to life by the talented and stunning actress Gugu Gumede. Although Gugu has played roles in other South African series like Generations, she is best known for portraying the character of Mamlambo in Uzalo.

Gugu has been active in the South African entertainment industry since 2013, and photos from her Instagram handle date back to 2016. Since then, she has been entertaining her fans on TV and been serving it on social media with the awesome pictures she uploads. In this post, we will be sharing 35 age-defying photos of the real like Mamlambo from Uzalo.

35 Age-Defying Photos Of Real Life Mamlambo From Uzalo

For a lady who became active in the entertainment industry in 2013, Mamlambo has achieved a lot. She has been featured in two prominent South African series and is also a graduate of one of the prominent acting schools in the world. Her outstanding talent had made viewers liken her to popular on-screen character Mamlambo. It was such that in 2016, she took to Instagram to remind her fans that Mamlambo was just a character that she was being paid to play and that, in reality, she was only 24 years old at that time.

Practically all of the pictures Gugu uploads on social media are stunning and worth making our list, but unfortunately, we can only accommodate just 35 of them. These pictures speak volumes about her personality.

1. Rock Black

MaMalambo’s real name is Gugu Gumede, and aside from Uzalo, she has also featured in another South African soapie – Generations. Meanwhile, she looks good in an all-black outfit.

2. All Black And Beautiful

Gugu Gumede was born in Kwazulu Natal on the 10th of December 1991 into the family of Simon Hulumeni Gumede and Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi.

3. Even In White, She Rocks

Nothing much is known about her father; her mother was a political figure who once served in the capacity of Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of South Africa.

4. Always Has A Perfectly Drawn Eyebrow

Not much information about her childhood and basic education is available, but we know that she attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, where she studied acting.

5. Didn’t Go Wrong With A Big Jacket

Convincing her mother that she wanted to pursue a career in acting was not easy, but thankfully, she was successful.

6. She Even Looks Good In A Ball Gown

After completing her studies in the United States, Gugu Gumede had intentions of settling down abroad, but along the way, she changed her mind and decided to come back to South Africa.

7. Little Black Dress With White Sneakers To Match

On returning to South Africa, Gugu landed a role as Mandisa in the popular series ‘Generation’ in 2013.

8. Red Lipstick To Add Some Color

In 2015, She landed the role of MaMlamabo in Uzalo, a character that she is now best known for.

9. Always A Queen

In Uzalo, her character Mamlambo is a very outspoken woman who does not waste any time putting other cast members in their place.

10. Even On Afro, She Rocks

Due to how controversial her character in Uzalo was and her consistent quarrels with other members of the cast, MaMlambo was not loved by others.

11. Billion Dollar Smile

As a result of Gugu Gumede’s body size and the character of MaMalambo, many fans think she is much older than she is, but she is 32 years old.

12. She Upholds Culture

For a beautiful lady who has been privileged to study in the United States and to know about the culture of people from different races and tribes, Gugu Gumede upholds the South African cultural heritage, and from time to time, she shares pictures of herself on Traditional Zulu attire; this is one of such images.

13. Real Life Mamlambo Looks Good On Braids

Gugu Gumede is very flexible with her hairstyles and looks good on anyone she tries out. Her hair flexibility shows how flexible she is as a person.

14. She Loves Her Mom

Real-life Mamlambo lost her mom on the 16th of September 2021. Her mother’s death was indeed painful for her, but being a strong lady, she is moving on and is making her mom proud.

15. Unapologetically Beautiful

In 2018, she co-anchored the 11th Crown Gospel Music Awards with big names in the industry like Somizi Mhlongo and Clement Maosa.

16. Gugu Knows How to Look Chic and Decent

Aside from having the talent and passion for acting, Gugu also has relevant academic qualifications from an internationally recognized institution. All of these accounts for the top-notch performances she dishes out on-screen.

17. Keeping Beauty

She is a devoted Christian who has practiced her faith openly for everyone to know.

18. Stylish Lady

MaMalambo has a great fashion sense and always looks good in all her pictures. She knows just how to put clothing together to suit her body type.

19. Smoky Eyes

In July 2020, when most countries faced a surge in the number of people affected by the covid’19 pandemic, she aired her views on closing schools and warned that a trend from 1st class countries should not be copied by 3rd class countries.

20. Human Rights Activist

She joined Body Shop South Africa in December 2020 to lend her voice to the fight against gender-based violence.

21. Thick And Sexy

Gugu is not one of those plus-sized women who lets what society has to say about her body size determine how she sees herself. She is positive about her size and unapologetic to anyone who feels otherwise about it.

22. Beautiful Model

Aside from acting and hosting events, she jas also tried her hands-on modeling and looks stunning as the face of a brand.

23. Even on Dreads, She Is Beautiful

With over one million followers on Instagram, Gugu is a brand influencer for so many brands like SA Lottery, Clicks SA, and Dark and Lovely Africa, to mention but a few

24. Mama Africa

Gugu Gumede upholds black history, and from time to Tim, she uploads videos on social media that share black history.

25. Simply Beautiful

Real-life MaMalambo is a very confident woman who appreciates her loved ones and is ever ready to shield herself from haters.

26. Simple And Classy

She has managed to strike a good balance between her character and who she is in real life. This helps her avoid unnecessary attention when she is on the street.

27. Tell Malcolm The Culture Is Preserved

Despite coming from a rich home, Gugu has worked hard for the money and the fame she has now.

28. A Perfect Blend Of Black and Red

You may be eager to know who the real-life MaMalambo is in a relationship with. Well, for now, she has not introduced any man she is in love with. She is focused on her career and faith.

29. That Look

Gugu is unapologetically single and proud to be independent. She believes in God to bring a good man her way.

30. Hat and Shades That Speak Volumes

Gugu is a purpose-driven young lady who is writing her name in the sands of time.

31. Proudly African

She is indeed an epitome of beauty that signifies a true African woman. She is bold, confident, and African at heart.

32. Style Gel Challenge

The talented actress keeps her natural hair and is very good at styling it. She also shares styling tutorials with her fans on social media.

33. Black!

If there are any female celebrities thick ladies should follow for some fashion ideas, Gugu Gumede is one.

34. Pride of the Black Continent

Gugu is very confident about her dark skin color and will not trade it for anyone. She should serve as a lesson to African women who wish to bleach their skins to become fair or white.

35. Those Lips

She shares some resemblances with her mom, and one of them is her lips.

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