33 Most Famous South African TV Personalities Of All Time

South Africa is known to be Africa’s leading economy. However, there are many factors that have contributed in helping this country gain massive recognition in just a few short years. This country is home to some of the international celebrities and television personalities. Some of the celebrities were born and brought up in major South African cities. The TV personalities are famous both internationally for working with big media houses and also in their local media stations.

There are several factors that have given the celebrities the popularity they have acquired. Style, beauty, glamour and exceptional work have played key roles in bringing these TV personalities to the limelight. When it comes to excellence in work, the male TV personalities carry the day. They have built a legacy in going that extra mile to ensure the world is well-informed. When it comes to beauty, South African TV personalities are known to be exotic beauties. This is proven by the fact that they lead the pack of elegant media personalities in Africa.

South African TV personalities have also won several international awards to be at the level they are today. Some of the famous personalities had to win competitions in order to land the jobs they currently hold. Some of the famous legendary TV personalities born in South Africa include the following:

Smartest South African TV Personalities (TV)

  • John Charles Daly: Born in 1914 and passed on in 1991. He was a television journalist and hosted a game show.
  • Lara Logan: A television reporter and correspondent who worked for CBS. Lara was born in 1971.
  • Sol Plaatje: He worked as a television journalist and also a political activist. He was born in 1877 and passed on in 1932.
  • Donald Woods: This TV personality was born in 1933 and passed on in 2001. He doubled up as a television journalist and an anti-apartheid campaigner.
  • Eric Lloyd Williams: A prolific television reporter and war correspondent that lived from 1915-1988.
  • Barry Streek: A journalist who born in 1948 and died in 2006. Barry also worked in the capacity of: political activist, author and parliamentary media manager.
  • Percy Qoboza: (1938-1988), she was a journalist, political activist and an editorial writer.
  • Riaan Cruywagen: A television news reader born in 1945.
  • Jeremy Maggs: Was a jack of all trades and he worked as a journalist, TV host and radio presenter.
  • Debora Patta: Broadcast journalist and TV producer.
  • Minki van der Westhuizen: He was a model and a TV presenter.
  • Felicia Mabuza-Suttle: A talk show host and a business woman.
  • William Smith: TV teacher and presenter.
  • Thomas Pringle: A poet and journalist who lived from 1789 – 1834.

Super Smart South African Television Personalities (Movies)

Notably, most of these TV personalities were in the fore front in the fight against apartheid and political oppression in their country. In deed they deserved the acclamation and recognition they received for their relentless efforts in ensuring South Africa gained independence. Other famous TV personalities include the many actors, actresses and sports people.

There are a number of play writers and also actors and actresses who have done many award-winning films. Some of the film makers include:

  • Darrell Roodt: Famous for producing anti-apartheid films including “Sarafina.” Some of his movies have been nominated for Oscar awards.
  •  Ted Moore: Born in 1914 and passed away in 1987. He was the first South African to win an Oscar award.
  • Jamie Uys:  The first Afrikaans film director. He is best known for the film “the gods must be crazy.”
  • Ronald Harwood: This film maker was born in Johannesburg in 1934 and has some successful movies under his name.
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South African born ladies and gentlemen have not only made it in their country but also internationally. These include:

  • Sandra Prinsloo: She has featured in many films including “the gods must be crazy.” In the movie “quest for love” in 1988, the first screen kissed between a white woman and a black man was witnessed.
  • Arnold Vosloo: He has starred in the movies, “The mummy, and the mummy returns.” He was born in 1962.
  • Sharlto Copley: She is famous for the internationally recognized movie “24.”

South African TV Personalities (Sports)

Although South Africa has not produced many actors and filmmakers, the few who are there have made an impressive impact. South Africa is a sporting nation and famous for its prowess in cricket and rugby. There are individuals who have been successful in various sports and cannot go unnoticed.

  • Bryan Habana:  The Springbok’s winger has propelled his side to winning many rugby championships.
  • Joel Stransky: He will forever go down history books for kicking the winning points in the 1995 rugby world cup.
  • Kitch Kristie: The South African coach whose side won the 1995 world cup. Sadly, he passed away in 1998.
  • Steven Jack: A right arm-fast medium bowler who assisted his national team in bagging various titles.
  • Percy Sonn: The first African to become president of the International Cricket Council.
  • Errol Stewart: A batsman and wicket keeper born in 1969.

Badass South African Television Celebrities (Music)

When it comes to music, it is part of the South Africans way of life. TV personalities in the music industry have brought fame and glory to this nation.

  • Lucky Dube: The legendary reggae singer who was brutally murdered in 2007, is Internationally renowned for moral filled music that was rich in uplifting messages.
  • Miriam Makeba: Born in 1940, she has produced a number of hits and has also built herself a name as a political activist.
  • Hugh Masekela: A jazz trumpeter and singer who was born in 1940.
  • Shaun Morgan: The lead singer of the award-winning band, seethe and he was born in 1978.
  • Yolandi Visser: A rapper and performing artist of Die Antwood band.
  • Zain Bhikha: Known for composing and singing music of the Nasheed genre.

TV personalities in South Africa comprise a huge number of people. These people due to their fame and success have managed to give the country a good name at the international level. They truly are heroes and heroines! They have remained very influential especially to young people. The contributions they have made in shaping South Africa as an independent nation cannot be ignored under any circumstance. To date, the trend continues and TV personalities are still iconic in everything they venture into.

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