ANCYL Declares War Against Boko Haram In SA


“We cannot have a Boko Haram-like situation unchecked haphazardly in our country,” ANC’s Youth League charged and called for a “decisive action from government.”

Don’t panic, ANCYL was referring to the 3,000 underage girls impregnated in a village at the North West province.

Yes, 3 000 underage girls were impregnated. Among them, a 12-year old lass.

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The Youth League said it’s saddened and shocked at the discovery.

Adding that some of the girls dropped-out of school, ANCYL disclosed that it will have a meeting with the Minister of Police and discuss the issue.

The essence of the meeting is to lobby the ministry into setting-up a task team. The task team according to the League, will hunt down the elderly people who impregnated the young girls.

“We view this act as a criminal act that needs decisive action from government. We cannot have a Boko Haram-like situation unchecked haphazardly in our country.

This gruesome act must be combated with the full might of the law everywhere it raises its ugly head.

This Task Team must not become another ‘Lame duck’ toothless Task Team. The terms of reference must be to clearly arrest elders that have impregnated these 3 000 young girls

These young girls have been forced into motherhood against their will as they are clearly still minors, with their entire lives ahead of them.

Even more shocking is that among these young girls, there is a 12-year-old who gave birth to a baby boy 6 months ago.

This is more disgusting…the culprits are older men that exploit the innocence of these young girls, having unprotected sex with them and some going to the extent of being raped.,” stated the Youth League.

Afterwards, ANCYL asserted that a nation that does not take care of its youth does not deserve its future.

“It is only a sick society that harbors such acts of exploiting innocent young girls into having unprotected sex. The buck also stops decisively on the doorstep of irresponsible parenting…,” ANCYL added.

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Also, the Youth League charged fathers to be responsible and  quit exposing their daughters to sexual exploitation or sexually exploit other young girls.

More-so, the league called on mothers to stand firm in the fight against sexual abuse of young girls.

“No girl asks to be sexually abused. We must be the first line of defense in protecting young girls because of their economic vulnerability and social exclusion,” proclaimed ANCYL.

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