3 Things EFF Didn’t Tell Blacks About Whites In Their March For Economic Transformation


The Economic Freedom Fighters took their fight to the streets of South Africa yesterday to march for economic transformation of the country. In thousands, they stormed the Chamber of Mines, the South African Reserve Bank and the JSE in Sandton. As anticipated, many demands were made and a lot of things were said.

From demanding the big-shot financial institution in the country enable abounding opportunities for the “so long disadvantaged and marginalized majority” of the country’s populace participate in the economy, the party made statements about ANC being “in bed with white monopoly capital,” talked about needing a “government-owned bank which will address the need of poor people” and emphasized that the days of white-dominated business in the country must cease to exist.

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But in all, the whole business of fighting for economic freedom was about Black and White. And while the EFF might not be wrong in some of their demands, they’re not being completely sincere with their Black supporters. A major pioneer of the economic differences between the White and Black South African is not the privilege the White community enjoyed during the Apartheid era, but is, the attitude of the Black mind and that of the White. This have been proven many times by some Black South Africans who decided to help themselves rather than wait, and complain and march for help. The story about “South Africa’s Youngest Multi-Millionaire” is an excellent example.

While this is not in any way justifying the maladministration of the apartheid government, it is an explanation to the wide margin between Blacks and Whites in terms of economic status. The very reasons why White South Africans are seemingly rich, and getting richer whereas the poor blacks are consumed by poverty. I sincerely believe the big-shots at the EFF are aware of these reasons, they simply can’t tell their Black flocks about them as it will hurt their feelings. But hey, here’s someone who doesn’t have anything to loss (supporters) by coming clean with the Blacks. So below are the things EFF will never tell Blacks about Whites in their struggle for economic freedom.

1. EFF Will Never Tell Blacks That Whites Do Not Only Dream, But As Well Plan For Their Economic Freedom

The Whites don’t kid with the future. They simply can’t afford to leave anything that will have such huge impact on their future well-being to chance. They do not just dream about a wonderful future, they work and invest and plan towards it. They harness their ideas into practical units, and boom, they’ve gained financial freedom. Sadly the Black majority begs to differ here. Little wonder the president once called the nation lazy. Blacks simply settle for dreaming and hoping. Thanks to nyope, dreaming is made easier. All that needs to be done is to hustle for few Rands, buy some nyope, and dream away about unrealistic things like the day White South African will surrender all the lands to Blacks, relinquish  all their wealth and beg to be allowed to remain in South Africa as it is the only home they know.

2. EFF Will Never Tell Blacks That Whites Do Little Of Lavishing And Much Of Investing

Whites are good investors. Like farmers, they understands it’s more rewarding to give up the seeds that will satisfy an immediate hunger to the soil for a future bountiful harvest. Reproduction and multiplication are words they admire much. But you did be an idiot to suggest to some Blacks in this country that they can make something from nothing by saving the little they earn. They won’t hear of it. They rather struggle, spend all they’ve worked for and even borrow to satisfy their ‘wants’, and hope the government is somehow going to cater for the ‘needs’. If they don’t, there will always be an ‘EFF’ to lead a protest against the government and whoever is faring better.

3. EFF Will Never Tell Blacks That Whites Don’t Have Excuses For Being Miserable

Whites don’t have to use humiliating bucket toilets because it was what the government provided, they don’t have to live on shacks because they’re waiting on the government for more RDP homes. There are no excuses for not getting an education, nothing is left to chance. Talk of Blacks and straight we go there again. How long will Blacks blame apartheid for the miserable poverty they daily endure? What does it take to explain to most blacks in the country that apartheid is long dead and that creating opportunities and waiting for opportunities are the things that makes all the difference?

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