21 Classy Tsonga Traditional Dresses and Attire

The beautiful and flowery multi-colored Tsonga fabric makes it very easy for anyone to choose a Tsonga traditional dress and attire that suits their body stature and skin tone. Many modern Tsonga traditional dresses follow up-to-date fashion trends but still uphold and project the Tsonga culture. A bride does not need to worry about looking ancient on her wedding day, or a Tsonga couple doesn’t need to worry about not looking trendy when they adorn their native attire.

Right from time, the Tsonga people have always been known for their colorful cultural heritage. Today, with the improvements and dynamism in western fashion, African stylists have also been able to come up with amazing attires without letting go of our traditional African fabrics. Tsonga fabrics are usually exquisite, and practically everything made out of them comes out beautiful.

There Is A Perfect Tsonga Traditional Dress And Attire For Everyone

Despite being flowery and made of colors that seem more inclined to women, the Tsonga fabric can also make male outfits. And for ladies, there is a wide range of outfits they can make using Tsonga cultural prints. Whether you are planning a wedding, preparing to serve as a bridesmaid, attending an occasion as a guest, or you want to sew a dress inspired by Tsonga tradition, this post is what you need. To help you select a perfect dress, you have 20+ Tsonga traditional dresses and attires to choose from.

Tsonga Traditional Dresses For  Women

If you are a bride or a couple planning a wedding or even a fashion designer in South Africa, you can never overlook the beautifully multi-colored Tsonga cultural fabric, which has over the years been the pride of the Tsonga people. Below is a list of various traditional dresses for women. They can also serve as inspiration for African fashion designers to develop other styles.

1. Strapless Full Length And Knee Length Flare Gowns

The Tsonga-inspired flare gowns are one of the most stunning and classy dresses you can make out of the Tsonga prints. Being strapless, they attract attention to the upper part of the body, yet so decent that the bust is totally concealed.

The flare gowns are usually fitted at the top, in such a way that the shape of the upper part of the lady’s body is slightly revealed, then beneath the bust, and above the waist, the gown begins to flare, making the outfit very comfortable. Flare gowns can be worn for any event that may last for hours because of the comfort they give. The flowers on the Tsonga fabric used to make this outfit adds a lot of beauty and class to it.

2. Tsonga Inspired Ball Gown

This Tsonga traditional dress has a blend of modern western fashion and Tsonga tradition. It is a combination of the flowering Tsonga print and plain organza fabric. The gown, fitted at the top, becomes round like a ball from inches above to waist to below the ankle.

The ball gown inspired by the Tsonga tradition is a perfect idea for a bride, especially slim brides, because it makes their body look fuller. Aside from brides, a Tsonga-inspired ball gown can also be worn for big corporate events such as award nights, business dinners, corporate parties, etc.

3. High Waist Skirt And White Top

A bride who wants her bridesmaids to look very simple with a blend of both modern and traditional styles at the same time can recommend that they go with a high waist skirt made of Tsonga fabric and white polo. As the name implies, the waist of the skirt starts from the abdomen. A flare high waist skirt is very comfortable, just like flare gowns.

If you want to use a Tsonga high waist skirt for a special event or work and want a more chic look, you can go for a body hug top and high-heeled shoes. The top is usually tucked into the skirt to create a more elegant look.

4. Strapless Mini Dress

A young lady who wants to look really attractive at an event can barely go wrong with a strapless mini gown made with Tsonga fabric. The flowery designs and patterns of the dress make it look more feminine and beautiful.

Since the gown does not have shoulder straps, it exposes a good part of the lady’s upper region. Depending on the lady’s preferences, some parts of her bust may also be exposed. The dress only covers some part of her thigh, leaving the rest exposed. Although this particular outfit may not sit so well with the more conservative African women, it is still a Tsonga traditional dress because it showcases the colorful Tsonga culture.

5. Pencil Gowns Made With Tsonga Fabric

Another simple but classy Tsonga traditional dress is the Pencil gown. Every part of the gown is fitted to show off the woman’s shape in a very decent way. The dress usually has a little slit behind or in front to make movement easy.

This dress can be worn on a variety of occasions. It can even be used by brides who appreciate simplicity. When worn by brides, the bride can adorn it with beads and also wear the Tsonga hat. Tsonga-inspired pencil dresses may not be as comfortable as the flare gowns because of how fitted they are, but you can’t take away class and elegance from them.

6. Tsonga Mermaid Gown

If not all, almost all South African tribes have mermaid gowns made with their unique cultural prints, but the Tsonga mermaid gown stands out for being more classy because of the uniqueness and flowery nature of the Tsonga fabric. Like all other mermaid gowns, the Tsonga mermaid gown is fitted from the top to the knee, and then it flares from the knee to the ankle (or lower) to create a perfect mermaid look.

Brides can use the Tsonga mermaid gown for their big day. Although the gown can fit almost all body stature with the help of a good stylist, it is best on slim and curvy ladies because it shows off all the curves in the lady’s body in a decent manner.

8. Knee Length Armless Layer Gown

The knee-length armless gown is another Tsonga traditional dress that attracts a lot of attention to the upper part of the body. Just like the strapless mini gown, it may or may not expose the bust depending on the preference of the person wearing it. The gown is fitted at the top, then flares around the stomach region to create the first layer, which ends at the thighs.

The second layer starts on the waist and is slowly revealed, immediately the first layer ends, the second layer becomes more pronounced and ends at the knee. This outfit is classy and perfect for many occasions. The upper and first layers are usually made of Tsonga fabric, while the lower layer is made of chiffon or organza material.

Tsonga Traditional Attires For Men

Men always shy away from flowery materials as they speak more of feminity and less of masculinity – if at all. That notwithstanding, the Tsonga cultural fabric can also be worn by men. Although the fabric is flowery and looks more feminine, with the right color of fabric and carefully picked design for men, it can also create amazing masculine outfits.

9. Tsonga Inspired Suit

The use of the Tsonga fabric to make a male suit can be the peak of African stylists’ creativity because the fabric seems to be more feminine than unisex, but the suit looks 100% masculine. It is not that the fabric is used to sew only the suit, it is used for both the suit and the trouser, and yet the outfit does not look too busy or out of place.

This look is made possible for a man because the suit is made so that the flowery part of the fabric does not make up the major part of the outfit. To give the outfit a more African look, the man also has a cap made of the same Tsonga fabric.

10. A Touch of Tsonga Fabric On Male Kaftan 

Because the Tsonga fabric is more feminine inclined, it is not common to find men who use it to sew a full kaftan attire. Instead, they use a plain colored fabric to sew the kaftan, then give it a touch of Tsonga fabric. Because of the bold nature of the Tsonga print, even though it does not make up the large part of the outfit, its little presence still makes the outfit speak loudly of the Tsonga tradition. Here are some ways you can use the Tsonga fabric to style a male kaftan attire.

11. Trouser Made Of Tsonga Fabric And White Button Shirt Styled With The Same Fabric

Another unique and classy way a man can use the Tsonga fabric is to make a trouser. Like other Tsonga traditional outfit for men, the flowery part of the fabric should not make up the major part of the outfit; this way, the trouser can look more masculine.

The trouser is worn with a white buttoned shirt that is also styled with the Tsonga fabric on the collar and sleeves. For this outfit to look organized, the shirt is tucked into the trouser.

Tsonga Traditional Attire For Couples

The Tsonga traditional fabric is a delight for any couple that wants to make their day colorful. When made into any design style and worn by the couple on their wedding day, the Tsonga fabric brings out the beauty of the day. Even though men don’t usually want to rock this fabric because they believe it’s meant for only women because of its colors, it has been proven that you can never go wrong as a couple with the Tsonga traditional attire on your big day. Couples preparing for their traditional wedding or who want to rock the Tsonga fabric together can choose styles from the following:

12. Full-Length Ball Gown – Female | Button Shirt Styled With Tsonga Fabric – Male

The lady would look lovely in a pink one-sided strapless full-length ball gown, with the other side having a beautiful floral shoulder strap to get this couple combo. She would have a belt made from the Tsonga fabric that serves as a demarcation between the fitted and flared parts. For the man, he wears a white buttoned shirt styled with Tsonga fabric and plain trousers. The lady then completes her look with a pink beaded hair decoration.

13. Yellow Off Shoulder Peplum Ball Gown – Female | Yellow Kaftan – Male

Another cool Tsonga Traditional attire for couples is the Yellow Peplum Ball Gown for females and Yellow Kaftan for males. The lady’s peplum ball gown is made up of Tsonga fabric and chiffon or organza fabric. The gown is fitted from the upper part to the stomach region, where it then flares to create a peplum, then the part that makes it a ball gown comes under the peplum and is slowly revealed. From the point where the peplum ends, the yellow flared chiffon or organza fabric becomes more pronounced. The man wears a plain yellow kaftan that may or may not have a touch of the Tsonga fabric.

14. Full-Length Layers Mermaid Gown – Female | White Top Styled With Tsonga Fabric And Blue Trouser – Male

This is another Tsonga traditional outfit that any modern Tsonga couple should absolutely want to try. For the man, he wears a white top, styled with stripes of Tsonga fabric and a plain colored trouser to match, while the lady also looks so chic with a pink layered mermaid gown. The upper part of the gown is styled with the Tsonga fabric till few inches above her abdomen. A plain pink fitted fabric is then used from her abdomen till halfway down her thighs, and then the gown begins to flare as it gets down, creating different layers.

To give the gown more details, the edges of the flared part are lined with blue and green fabrics, and the demarcation between the fitted and flared part is styled with a piece of green ribbon-like fabric. This outfit is so classy for both the man and woman.

15. Peplum Blouse and Mermaid Or Fishtail Skirt – Female | Blue Kaftan – Male

Another classy Tsonga traditional attire is the peplum blouse and mermaid or fishtail skirt. This outfit looks good on both slim and plus-size ladies. The blouse is fitted at the top, then flares slightly beneath the bust. So even if the lady has a big tummy and is not wearing a corset, she has nothing to worry about because the blouse will conceal it. The skirt is also fitted from the waist to the knee.

For a fishtail skirt, it gradually flares as it gets down, but the flare is more pronounced at the bottom of the skirt, while but for the mermaid skirt, the entire flared part has almost the same width. While the lady rocks her classy outfit, the man looks like a perfect handsome gentleman on a blue kaftan. Here are some other classy Tsonga Traditional attires for couples:

Other Tsonga Traditional Dresses For Women

16. Tsonga Inspired Cross Belt Dress

Another Tsonga traditional dress that you should absolutely try out is the Crossbelt dress. The dress is worn over a white or black shirt. The cross belt dress is like a high waist skirt with two belts that cross from the back to the front.

The belt crossing is made possible by two very pronounced buttons. The cross belt dress is made with the flowery Tsonga fabric, which gives the outfit a nice blend of western fashion and traditional look. It is flared, which makes the outfit very comfortable. Although, you can also make it a pencil dress if that’s what you are more comfortable with.

17. White Top, Pleated Maxi Skirt, And Tsonga Wrapper

This is a typical Tsonga cultural traditional attire with very little or no touch of western fashion. The plain white shirt may or may not be designed with beads. It is also tucked into a pleated maxi skirt that gives an amazing feel to lookers whenever the lady makes a dance move. A Tsonga fabric is tied from one shoulder over the skirt and shirt.

This Tsonga cultural traditional attire must not always be with a white top, and it may be another color or a blouse made with Tsonga fabric. The lady is then adorned with beads in her head, neck, waist, and hands. This outfit is worn by typical cultural Tsonga women, brides, and bridesmaids.

18. Armless A-line Dress

Although the armless A-line dress is a good idea for a makoti to wear on her lobola day, it is not peculiar to brides only. If you love the dress style, then you can also wear it for special occasions. The A-line dress is fitted from the top and then flares slowly from the stomach region to the ankle. This gown is different from the full-length flare gown because it flares to give an ‘A’ shape.

Being an armless gown, it exposes the upper region of the body and the upper part of the bust. When worn by a bride for her traditional wedding, she can adorn herself with beads on her hand and leg. To complete this Tsonga traditional look, a hair tie made of the same fabric as the dress is neatly wrapped over the hair.

19. Corset Gown

Another amazing and totally chic blend of modern fashion and tradition is the Corset fishtail gown. The sleeveless fishtail gown loosely hugs the body and slowly flares from the knee, with a corset made with Tsonga fabric worn over the gown, which gives the lady a nice hourglass figure. To bring out the Tsonga tradition more, a hair tie made of Tsonga fabric is tied boldly around her hair.

To complete this look, the lady wears beads inspired by Tsonga colors on her hands, making her look like a modern lady who upholds tradition. This is an elegant outfit for big events.

20. Armless Peplum Fishtail Dress

Like almost every other armless gown, this gown also exposes the upper part of the bust, but it does this in a very nice way. With one part of the upper edges of the dress styled with flowers inspired by Tsonga fabric, this dress is almost similar to the mermaid dress, even though they are not the same. Although both types of gowns are fitted from the top to the knee and then flares, the peplum fishtail gown has a short gathered stripe of fabric a few inches below the bust.

The addition of a peplum makes the outfit look more sophisticated. This Tsonga traditional dress for women is a good idea for brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guests. With the help of a good stylist, it can fit both slim and plus-size women, but it is best for slim and chubby ladies.

21. Short Layered Mermaid Gown

Not all mermaid dresses are long and full length, as some are short. However, the full-length option projects the mermaid look better than the short ones. The short layered mermaid gown is fitted from the top to a few inches above the knee, then it flares. The first layer of the flared part is made of light chiffon or organza fabric, the next layer is made of Tsonga flowery Tsonga fabric, and then the last layer is made of any other color chiffon or organza fabric.

Because the first and last fabric are made of light fabrics of different colors, it attracts more attention to the mid-layer. The green and yellow colors used for the upper and lower layers are also found on the Tsonga fabric making all layers blend perfectly – in terms of color. This dress reveals all the curves in the lady’s body without exposing any part of her breast or thighs. This Tsonga traditional dress is complete with a beaded bangle to adorn the hands of the lady.

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