2018 Online School Admission: MEC Lesufi Says GDE Is Working Hard To Resolve Glitches


MEC Panyaza Lesufi who is working on better options for parents who wish to register their children in schools, says his department has detected minor technical glitches in its 2018 online school admission system for grade one and grade eight pupils.

The Mec said in a very short time, parents won’t need to queue up to have their school kids registered. The online registration platform for SA schoolkids was introduced last year to put to an end the era of long camping and queues.

But, South African parents still find it difficult to have their children registered as hundreds of parents around Johannesburg spent last night outside waiting to be first in line.

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This is possibly caused by series of changes made to the system which now allows only those applying for Grade 1 and Grade 8 to do so online while the rest, particularly those registering for Grade R are left out to fight their ways through the registration processes.

In government schools like Rivonia Primary School and Parkview Primary School in Johannesburg, hundreds of parents were seen secretly making places for themselves ahead of Tuesday’s registrations for Grade R classes. A dozen other parents camped outside Parkview Primary School since Friday to ensure that their children are registered.

“People have been here and are using it as an employment opportunity to make some money, so they took the initiative from Wednesday,” explained Colleen Aldborough, a parent, who was not only waiting for her turn in the queue but was also allocating parents with numbered spots in the queue.

Parents also queue in Orange Farm for assistance from officials of Gauteng Education Department to register their children for next year’s academic year.

Reacting to these disturbing development, Gauteng education department spokesperson Oupa Bodibe said even though online registration was only available for Grades 1 and 8, lining up to register other grades was unnecessary.

“Any time between now and May 31, parents may go to a school to register. There is absolutely no need to be queueing or hiring someone to queue,” he said.

MEC Panyaza Lesufi, however, noted that the department was doing it’s very best to end the stress people go through to be registered.

The registration site sees over 16,000 parents logging onto the portal to have their children placed at their preferred schools and Lesufi says he was hoping that more parents would have already registered their children on the website by now.

“The thing is people like to test the water, people wanting to make sure that it’s working because remember people use their last data bundles,” said Lesufi.

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The department is, however, trying to resolve all the minor glitches to the system and has urged parents to report any further issues as soon as possible.

The site, according to Lesufi, can handle up to 50,000 parents logged onto the system at the same time, a significant increase compared to last year.