20 New Words That Should Definitely Be A Part Of Your Vocabulary


Language is an interesting thing, like most facets of life… it keeps evolving. In today’s world of social media slangs, urban dictionary meanings and endlessly repurposed words, it is difficult to really say what a particular word is supposed to be mean anymore.

However, what is even harder to get your grasp on are words that have a place in the social stratosphere but not in the dictionary. If this has been on your mind for a long time now, allow us to help you out with some new words that should definitely be part of your vocabulary.

1. Textpectation

This is the excitement and anticipation you feel when you’re expecting a text or a reply.

2. Youniverse

This is used when someone only cares about himself or herself and has knowledge only in relation to them or concerning them.

Example: “The only thing you care about, Diane, is your youniverse.

It can also have a positive connotation meaning the world you create for yourself as you want it, having control over your life. The choices you make, the friends you keep, how others see you and the job you’ve chosen contribute to your youniverse.

3. Ambitchous

An ambitious person who is more ‘bitchy’ than is required. A person who is rude and manipulative while struggling to succeed.

4. Beerboarding

Getting information from someone by getting them drunk first.


5. Nonversation

Also known as ‘small talk’. This is a completely worthless conversation had to fill time.

6. Bedgasm

The absolute feeling of joy you get when you crawl into your bed after a long stressful day.

7. Dudevorce

When a friendship between two men comes to an end.

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8. Dopplebanger

When a person has sex with someone who looks like them but is not related to them.


9. Unkeyboardinated

This is used to refer to someone who can’t stop making mistakes when typing. Their texts are almost always full of typos.

10. Carcolepsy

People are said to have ‘carcolepsy’ when they constantly fall asleep in a vehicle as soon as it starts moving.

11. Columbusing

This is used when white people claim to have discovered something which has actually been around for years, decades or even centuries.

See: Christopher Columbus and his ‘discovery’ of America.

12. Hiberdating

This is when a person ignores their friends and family (mostly, unintentionally) because of a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Not to be confused with Masturdating.

13. Masturdating

Going out alone to a movie or dinner. Basically enjoying your own company and doing things alone that most people would do with a significant other.

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14. Unlightening

This is the ‘opposite’ of Enlightening. It is when you learn something that makes you dumber. You would have preferred going the rest of your life without learning that.

15. Nerdjacking

Filling a conversation with unnecessary and unimportant details about one’s passion to an uninterested person.

Example: “Chris totally nerdjacked our conversation.”


16. Cellfish

A person who continues using their phone with the intent of being rude or aloof to others around.

17. Chairdrobe

Everyone has this in their bedrooms. A chair used to keep clothes instead of using the wardrobe or closet.

18. Askhole

A person who asks too many stupid or pointless questions.

19. Destinesia

When you get to where you heading to, your destination, but then forget why you wanted to go there in the first place.

Example: “I walked into my room and forgot what I needed to get from there. I had a total Destinesia moment.”

20. Lieting

Lying aboout your diet, caloric intake and work out routine.