20 Modern Sepedi Traditional Dresses and Attire for Stylish People

All tribes in South Africa have a wealthy cultural heritage expressed in their kind of food, music, and art. Even while trying to keep up with recent fashion trends, the various South African tribes have found a way to modernize their cultural attires without losing the cultural essence. Like other tribes, several Sepedi traditional dresses and attires reflect the Pedi people’s culture. In the same vein, they are also stylish that any modern person can wear them.

Most Sepedi traditional dresses and attires are blue, white, pink, and yellow colors. All these colors are patterned on a dress in a particular way that reflects the Sepedi culture. There is a Sepedi traditional outfit for both brides, men and women, so nobody is left out.

Sepedi Traditional Dresses and Attires For Makoti

A makoti is expected to look cultural and beautiful on her lobola day. The colors associated with the Sepedi tradition make it easy for her to make a good choice of color, dress, and style that fits her most. Here are some Sepedi traditional outfit ideas for a makoti.

1. White And Pink Sepedi-Influenced Ball Gown

A good way for any makoti to attract all the attention on her traditional wedding day is to wear an outfit that makes her look full, elegant, attractive, and traditional at the same time. And this is the exact thing a Sepedi-inspired ball gown does.

The upper part of the gown is made with a white fabric carefully patterned with yellow, pink, and blue stripes to give it that signature Sepedi look. The upper part of her body is nicely covered, making the bride look decent, then in between her abdomen and stomach, the gown then flares down to her ankles to give a ball-like look. This outfit makes a bride looks really bold.

2. Maxi Skirt, Maxi Pleated Blouse, And White Tartan Blanket

A bride who does not want to add modern or western fashion to her traditional outfit can not go wrong with this typical Sepedi traditional outfit. The maxi pleated blouse, which is made of a white fabric that is patterned with blue, pink, yellow, and green stripes on the sleeves, neck, and on the pleated part of the blouse, is worn over an ash maxi skirt which is also designed with Sepedi shapes and patterns.

This outfit is adorned with beads on the neck and hand, a black hair tie, and a white tartan blanket. Although the makoti looks very traditional in her dress, she still looks beautiful and stylish in this outfit.

3. Pink And Blue Tri-quarter Mermaid Gown

A makoti who wants to look simple but stylish can go for a mermaid gown that stops in between her knee and ankle. Like a regular mermaid gown, this type of gown is fitted from the top to a few inches above the knee; then, it flares to give a mermaid look.

The flared edges of the gown are patterned with blue and yellow stripes to show that it is Sepedi-inspired. The upper part of the gown around her bust is designed with a blue flower-like pattern. This traditional wedding look is completed with a hair tie and Tartan blanket.

4. Sleeveless Layered Mermaid Gown

Another outfit a Sepedi bride should consider for her traditional wedding is a sleeveless layers mermaid gown. The pink and yellow color of the gown makes it very pronounced, and the net-like fabric used around the bust gives it a little exposure. The gown is fitted from the top to the knee to allow the bride to breathe while perfectly bringing out her curvy figure.

At the knee, the first layer of the gown comes up, covering the second layer, which is a yellow-colored fabric. The second layer becomes more pronounced where the first ends. To give the gown a more Sepedi-influenced look, the edges yellow layer is lined with blue and pink stripes, while the edges of the first are lined with white and yellow stripes. As a makoti, you will have to complement your look with a hair tie to match.

5. Peplum Blouse And Mermaid Skirt

A Sepedi makoti can also consider rocking a peplum blouse and mermaid skirt. This outfit is best for both plus-size and slim ladies. For plus-size ladies, it conceals their excess body folds and makes slim ladies fuller. The peplum blouse is fitted at the top and then flares from underneath the bust. This flare part is what hides folds and creates a fuller look. The edges of the peplum are lined with blue and yellow stripes.

The mermaid skirt is fitted from the waist to the knee and then flares from the knee to the ankle. Being an outfit for a makoti, it has to be completed with a hair tie to match the dress.

6. Armless Full-Length Flare Gown

The armless full-length flare is another good example of Sepedi traditional dresses for makoti that fit the body stature of most brides. The upper part of the gown is made with a plain white fabric. Being an armless gown, it draws a lot of attention to her chest and shoulder, but the upper part of the dress does a good job of concealing her bust as much as possible.

The full-length flare part of the dress is made with a fabric with Sepedi shapes, patterns, and color around it. To divert attention to the shoulders and chest, the bride wears a large neckpiece. Like other makoti attires, this one also goes with a hair tie.

7. Armless Layered Ball Gown

A makoti who wants to seize her day absolutely can barely go wrong with a Sepedi-influenced armless layered gown. The upper part of the gown conceals her breast and stomach is made up of a blue material designed with pink stones. To cover her bust as much as possible, some parts of the blue fabric are made to go higher than others.

Then the first layer of the full-length ball gown starts from her stomach to her thighs, creating a ball look. The second layer begins at her waist to below her ankle and is slowly revealed until it becomes very pronounced. The edges of both layers are lined with blue, yellow, and green stripes to show that it is truly Sepedi.

8. Full-Length Pencil Cape Dress

A makoti on a full-length pencil cape dress can’t help but look very attractive. The pencil dress is fitted from the top to below the ankle. This dress usually has a slit in front or behind to enable the lady to move comfortably. The dress also shows off the lady’s figure in a very decent way.

What makes this dress unique is the white cape attached to it. The cape creates an upper covering and sleeves for the dress and runs down from her shoulders to below her ankles, giving her a boss lady look. To complete the makoti look, the lady also wraps a hair tie around her hair.

9. Peplum Ball Gown

The Sepedi-inspired peplum ball gown is also an awesome traditional wedding dress idea a bride can choose from. The upper part of the dress looks more like a peplum blouse; the second layer of fabric comes under the peplum to give the lady a full look. The upper part of the dress, made of white fabric, is patterned with pink, yellow, blue, and green stripes, giving it a signature Sepedi look. Although this outfit looks like a layered ball gown, it is not a layered ball gown and gives a fuller look than a peplum ball gown.

Sepedi Traditional Attires For Men

There are also some for Sepedi men, these Sepedi traditional attires for men can be used for traditional weddings or any other kind of events.

10. Blue Sepedi-Inspired Top and Jean Trousers

A man can wear this outfit on the day he pays lobola for his makoti. The outfit is simple and will blend with any dress the lady goes with as long as the colors match. The blue top has a round neck and sleeves that stop some inches below the elbow. To give the top a signature Sepedi look. The edges of the sleeves and the body of the top are lined with yellow, blue, green, and pink stripes.

This Sepedi traditional outfit for men can be worn with a jean or plain black trouser depending on the man’s preference.

11. Blue Kaftan And Pink Pocket Filler

The fact that the Sepedi people have more than one unique color makes it easier for both men and women to choose their preferred style. Just like a makoti can barely go wrong with some Sepedi traditional outfit for a makoti, so can a man barely go wrong with a deep blue Kaftan and pink pocket filler. To give the outfit a more Sepedi-influenced look, he throws a neatly folded pink fabric over one of his shoulders.

This outfit is classy and hundred percent traditional. It can be worn on a traditional wedding or any occasion. To give it a more masculine look, a walking stick won’t be a bad idea.

12. White Kaftan Top Styled with Sepedi Colors And Blue Trouser

Another nice Sepedi traditional outfit for men is a white kaftan top styled with blue, yellow, pink, and green. These colors are carefully attached to the top to avoid it looking less masculine. This can be worn with plain-colored trousers, preferably blue. The man on This outfit will make a man look both stylish and traditional at the same time because all Sepedi colors and patterns are rightfully represented on his outfit.

13. Buttoned Shirts Styled Sepedi Colors

With the right colors and patterns on a white buttoned shirt, it can become a very stylish Sepedi traditional outfit for men that can be worn for traditional weddings. Irrespective of what the lady wears, this outfit cannot go wrong on a man, as long she also stays with the Sepedi traditional colors. The white buttoned top is carefully patterned with blue, green, pink, and yellow stripes to give it that unique Sepedi representation.

14. Sepedi-Influenced Trousers and Plain White Polo Shirt

A man who wants to look very casual but still wants Sepedi culture to be expressed in his outfit can go for a Sepedi-inspired trouser. This trouser is just like any other trouser you know, the only thing that makes it unique is the kind of fabric used in making it. Being Sepedi-inspired, it can be made of Sepedi colors and patterns.

A white round neck polo is tucked into the trousers, making them look very casual but stylish at the same time.

Sepedi Traditional Attires For Ladies

There are also a variety of fashionable Sepedi traditional dresses a lady chooses from.  These traditional outfits are modern but still upholds Sepedi culture.

15. Peplum Fishtail Dress

A white fishtail dress is fitted from the top and slowly flares out from the knee to below the ankle is a perfect look for any lady. All Sepedi colors are beautifully represented in this dress. The gown is styled with a flowery blue design with a pink stripe running through it, and the bold sleeves are made of a pink fabric lined with yellow and blue stripes close to the edge.

To give the gown a more elegant and detailed look, the same fabric used to make the sleeves is used to create small peplums at the side of the dress. This outfit is perfect for attending a Sepedi traditional wedding as a guest, and a bride can also rock it.

16. Peplum Blouse And Pencil Skirt

A beautifully and properly sewed peplum top and a pencil skirt to match are lovely Sepedi traditional outfits for ladies. It is also an ideal style for a Sepedi bridesmaid. The peplum blouse is made of fabrics that showcase Sepedi colors and shapes, while the pencil skirt is made with a plain fabric.

The fitted pencil skirt reveals the lady’s curves from her waist to her legs, while the peplum blouse is fitted at the top and then flares to form a peplum that covers the upper part of the fitted skirt.

17. Mini Maxi Sepedi Traditional Dress

The mini maxi Sepedi traditional dress is one of the most beautiful Sepedi traditional outfits for ladies. The gown has short but bold sleeves fitted at the end and lined with Sepedi colors. The upper part of the dress is also lined with Sepedi shapes and patterns, and then the gown is pleated from the bust to the end.

This tiny pleating gives the gown a beautiful look just before the edges of the dress. It is lined again with Sepedi shapes, colors, and patterns. To give this outfit a perfect finish, the lady wraps a hair tie made with the same color and fabric as the dress. This dress makes a lady look traditional and elegant.

18. Sepedi-Inspired Off-Shoulder Above Knee-Length Flare Dress

A lady will look flawless in a Sepedi-inspired off-shoulder above-the-knee flare dress. Being an off-shoulder v-neck dress attracts a lot of attention to the chest and exposes the bust a little. The top of the dress is fitted while it then flares around the stomach.

Because it’s a flare dress, a lady can comfortably wear it for as long as possible without feeling so much discomfort. Obviously, this Sepedi-inspired look will not be complete with the dress being lined with Sepedi colors to give it an overall cultural look.

19. Strapless Layered Gown

This particular outfit is truly a must-have for any stylish lady. Being strapless, the gown attracts a lot of attention to the chest, but it still covers the bust nicely. The dress is fitted from the top to a few inches above the knee and reveals all the lady’s curves. Then just above the knee, the dress flares to create a first layer and enable the lady to move comfortably.

After the first layer, two other layers follow, with the last layer being the longest. The edges of the first layer are beautifully and neatly styled with blue and yellow stripes to give it the signature Sepedi look. To give the gown a chic look, the lady ties a pink belt between her stomach and abdomen. This outfit is stunning and can be worn for almost any kind of occasion.

20. Full-Length High Waist Skirt And White Top

The full-length Sepedi-inspired high waist skirt and crop top is another amazing Sepedi traditional outfit for ladies. The white fitted top stops at the navel, exactly at the same spot where the waist of the high waist skirt starts. The skirt flares to the ankle to give the lady a full look.

The skirt is lined with Sepedi colors at the edges, and a hair tie to match is wrapped over the hair. This outfit is nice for bridesmaids. To give the outfit a better finish, a beaded necklace could be worn around the neck.

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