State Advocate Insists 15 Years Minimum Sentence Is Right For Oscar Pistorius


As court proceedings for the sentencing of Oscar Pistorius continues, state prosecutor Gerrie Nel has brought forward an argument that the minimum sentence applicable in the case should be 15 years.

SA athlete Oscar Pistorius was found guilty of killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp after the Supreme Court of Appeal revoked his culpable homicide conviction.

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However, Pistorius’s lawyer, Barry Roux, had earlier asked for justice to be tempered with mercy and for the usual minimum sentence to be reduced.

But, state prosecutor, Gerrie Nel maintained that it would be out-of-place to arrive at an appropriate sentence only to turn around and reduce it for the sake of mercy. He insisted that the final judgment should be centered around the effects the victims suffered at the time of the crime, reflecting the seriousness of the crime and the effect it had on the public.

The state prosecutor added that the sentence should also serve as a warning for anyone thinking of carrying out such crime, insisting that Pistorius has not yet shown any remorse for what he did, if so, he would have told the court why he fired those shots blindly into a closed-door.

Gerrie Nel is also pushing to have the High Court in Pretoria lift the ban on publishing photos of Reeva Steenkamp’s body after consulting with her family.

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Nel made the announcement after Pistorious lawyer made him walk on stumps, saying if the world should get the opportunity to see Pistorius without his prosthesis,  it is only fair for it to see what he did.

He told the court that Pistorius must have known that he would kill someone when he fired 4 shots through the toilet door and for the fact that he has not really explained what transpired, there should be no mercy for him.