Apartheid Was Not Properly Dismantled After 1994 – Fransman


The Western cape leader Marius Fransman had made it clear that Apartheid was not properly dissolved and that the African National congress (ANC) needs to create a cultural revolution to break down the very ethos of the apartheid state.

Fransman added that the beneficiaries of apartheid were the very same people who are now calling for President Jacob Zuma to fall.

“I don’t believe the way we … structured post ’94 the process towards the dismantling of race was efficient. Therefore the environment gave racists [time] to become sleepers after ‘94 and it has now reared its ugly head.” he said.

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Fransman added that the party was created mainly to tackle the rise of racism in the country, focusing on the province. He said that the year had seen a lot of “sleeper racists” rising up, who had initially buried their natural inclinations.

To him, the party’s fight against racism would include identifying businesses, farmers and municipalities who were biased against black people. Fransman also linked the alleged sudden rise of apartheid to the first nationwide “Zuma Must Fall” campaign held on December 16 2015.

“There is an arrogance of white racists that starts to emerge. On December 16, the nation saw it was largely white racists that used media and other forms to try and create a position of getting the government to fall,”

The “Zuma must fall” protests sparked off when Zuma reshuffled his cabinet replacing then-finance minister Nhlanhla Nene with virtually unknown Des van Rooyen. Zuma eventually replaced Van Rooyen days later with a former finance minister, Pravin Gordhan.

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The party leader therefore said that these actions are only done by members of other parties who wish to bring down the government of Jacob Zuma through strange means adding that the fact that the De Klerk foundation had said some black South Africans displayed the “most virulent and dangerous racism”, was not true.

“But you are in a democracy where every five years there is an election? So why would you want to use strange means to get a democratic government to fall? There is enough space created for opposition to engage.”

“It essentially tells me that the mentality of those that are saying those things is the same mentality as that of Marike de Klerk, who had once referred to colored people as a ‘non-person”.

Meanwhile, speaking against the “Zuma Must fall”billboard that was erected, Fransman said the party stood firmly behind their Councillors, including ANC’s Cape Metro chairperson and chief whip Xolani Sotashe‚ who led the banner removal on Saturday.

Fransman also added that the fact that no one was able to own up to being the brain behind the mounting of the board is a suspected plan for Coup détat which the party and the government won’t allow.

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