They say there’s a very big difference between work and job and i seem to always struggle to draw the line between where work stops and job begins or vice versa. Most people seem to be unhappy with their jobs and the number one reason they give for that is that it was not the career they would have chosen for themselves if they had a choice, so you find people reporting to work on a Monday morning completely worn out and in a very bad mood, and we know that a grumpy employee does not always make a good office setting.

Again i asked, what is the difference between a work and a job. A friend of mine was once a teacher, and every time they had a staff meeting, the very strict head teacher would scream this is not a job, it is work, if you want a job go to the bank, or better still, let the government employ you. In a very confused state, my friend would call me on the phone to ask me the difference between a work and a job. I’v searched the dictionary several times and the definition of work always seems to be synonymous to that of job. But because you will be spending most of our time at your work place, so you might as well like it right?

Now when you have a job that you do not enjoy, you see it as work which does not mean that it is still not a job. But, to avoid the complication of trying to differentiate between work and job, all you have to do is enjoy what you do. So, we bring you a list of some of the jobs that people are happiest doing according to Forbes. They may not completely be what you have in mind, but we guarantee you that people who do these jobs are quite happy to be doing them. This list will help you decide if you doing the right job or not. If you are unhappy in your job, you’re probably not in one of these professions.

It may be very difficult to know before hand if you are going to love your job. There are a lot of factors that come into play to make you either love or hate your job. Some of these factors include

  • your office environment,
  • nature of work,
  • company culture,
  • your colleagues and (obviously)
  • your salary.

So according to Forbes, the jobs that people are happiest doing in 2015 are as follows:

10. Systems Developer

system developer

9. Senior Software Engineer


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8. Business Development Executive


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7. Website Developer


6. Oracle Data Base Operator


5. Research Assistant

research assistant

4. Automation Engineer

automation engineer

3. Loan Officer

loan officer

2. Executive Chef


1. Principal


If some of these are puzzling, none is as puzzling as the the first, who would have thought that being a principal is one of the happiest jobs? CareerBliss that compiled the list evaluated these careers by looking at some key factors that affect an employee’s happiness.

These factors include: employers and colleagues in the workplace, support, rewards and growth opportunities in the workplace and company culture.

So if you are thinking about a career change, it seems anything to do with developing is the best way to go!