10 Things You Should Do Before You Turn Thirty


Turning 30 is definitely a big milestone. There are probably a million and one things you’d want to do before you turn 30; however, here is a list of the 10 things you should do before you turn thirty.

1. Be Contented With Your Youth

By the time you turn thirty, there’s no way to sugar coat it, but you’re officially an adult. At this point, you cannot make mistakes that will usually be attributed to ‘mistakes of the youth’.

So live your twenties in such a way that you’d have no regrets in your thirties. Do all you have to do and all you’ve ever wanted to do. Get it out of your system.

A rich and full youth provides wonderful stories to tell in your old age. So travel, try meals from other cultures, gain daring experiences, be bold and regret nothing (within reason).

2. Build A Rich Resume

While you’re off living your youthful fantasies, also attend seminars, do volunteer work, get your post-graduate degrees – essentially do anything you can to build your résumé so by the time you turn thirty, you don’t have to lie or pad your CV.

At this age, you should solidly defend every addition to your résumé.

3. Have A Go-To Outfit

It is important to have a classy or semi-official outfit that you can easily wear when you have to suddenly meet your boss or when other unforeseen circumstances arise. Have a black suit or a little black dress that you can wear for any occasion regardless of how soon it pops up.

While it may not seem important, you have no idea how many times this will save you – which is why it was considered important enough to be added to our list of things you should do before you turn thirty.


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4. Know Your Worth

Don’t let anyone else decide your value, only you get to decide how much you’re worth. Do not base your value on your proximity to certain people or your relationships.

Take time to find yourself, know your likes and dislikes and determine just how much you believe you’re worth. This will determine how people treat you in turn; in fact, a lot of how people will treat you from here on out will depend on how much you value yourself.

5. Develop A Skin Care Regimen

As you grow older, this is hard to hear, but you’ll eventually begin to get wrinkly skin and lose your youthful glow. So while in your twenties, develop a skin care regimen that will help you preserve this. By developing it in your twenties, it will already become a part of you by the time you turn thirty. You should know that your skin care regimen doesn’t have to be something very complicated, just as long as it works for you.

6. Have An Exercise Routine

By the time you turn thirty, your body will have an easier time gaining weight and a harder time losing it. In order to remain in shape, you have to have an exercise regimen already set up. You should already have the days you go to the gym or the time of the day you go for your runs. Having a fitness routine and diet plan will keep you in shape even till your forties.


7. Discover Your Dreams

Everyone has a passion but you probably haven’t found yours….. yet. There’s nothing wrong with that. You should use your younger years to try and figure it out so you can spend your older years living it out.

For example, if you discover you have a love for acting, you don’t have to want to be a Hollywood A-list actor (that’s not the kind of ‘dream’ being referred to here), but you can be lawyer by day or a carpenter or a businessman but act in your local community theatre productions when the weekend rolls around. Once you discover your dreams, you can dedicate a section of your life living it.

8. Get Started On Your Bucket List

We all have a bucket list (things we would like to do before we die) and there is no time like the present to get started on crossing items off that list. If you don’t already have a list, get started on it, write down the things you’ll like to do before you pass away and then get to doing them, one at a time.

No matter how daunting they may seem, that is what makes it all exciting. By achieving the things on your bucket list, you’re contributing to a fuller and more exciting life.

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9. Educate Yourself

This is a really important part of things to do before you turn thirty. Get to know more about your country, read more books, watch more documentaries. You should do more to make sure that you know more than just the latest release on Netflix.

At thirty, you want to seem knowledgeable and ‘wise’ and what better way to do that than to actually find ways to become more cultured. Go on a wine tour, travel to a new country and learn about their cultures. Do what you can to become better intellectually, you won’t regret it.


10. Have A Plan For Your Future

Don’t be the person that turns thirty and has no plans for their life. Thirty is too old to ‘wing’ it. Have a goal you’d like to achieve, know whether you want to get married and have kids or not. Know if you want to start your own business.

All this will not be achieved before you’re thirty but it’s best to have them in mind so you become aware how you’re going to spend the rest of your days in order to live your life to the fullest.