10 SA Celebrities Who Are Way Older Than You Think They Look


Age they say is just a number. Some celebrities have proven that this saying is quite true as they never seem to change as the years go by. They remain evergreen as if they are still youths or teenagers. Some of these celebrities have dished out their anti aging secrets time without number but very few people seem to be able to catch up to them and this makes people wonder all the more what these ones have or do that other mere mortals don’t do. What is it that makes them stand out as rare gems of the young world even though they not quite so young anymore. So, we bring you a list of the South African celebrities who are most definitely older than they look or than we think they are. Their faces still glow, their strength is replenishes as from a stream that never goes dry and their vigor is ever strengthened on a daily basis. Read and tell us if we missed any.

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1. Sipho ‘Psyfo’Ngwenya

is the former YO-TV Presenter who still wouldn’t be looked at funny if he returned to kid’s show presenting, as the 33 year-old could convince a few that he’s a 20 year-old. He is also an actor, having gotten his big break on Generations, where he spent more than three years on the soapie.

2. Leleti Khumalo

who at some point played the character of Busi Dlomo on Generations as Ngubane’s young sister is 45 years old this year. The actress famously played the lead role in the Sarafina movie of 1992. She is one of the locals that has aged graciously and it is only her class and demur that reveals that she’s a mature one. Facially and body wise, she could still pass as a 25 year old.

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3. DJ Mahoota

is a member of the Kwaito group Trompies and has been in the music industry for over two decades now and his age is still considered quite suspicious. After he celebrated his 51st birthday last year, speculations are ripe as to whether he is actually that old or not. Despite all of the speculations, arguments and rumors, he insists that he is 52 and as such we just have to believe him but doesn’t he look like he is in his late twenties? He is cute Though.

4. Carol Manana

is 35 year-old but could be mistaken for a 22 year-old by some, because of how well she ages. The fact that she has given birth to two boys is still hard to believe. The former SABC sports presenter has said that having her own show is one of her career highlights after having co-hosted the 2010 FIFA Ballon d’Or.
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5. Sibusiso Dlomo

as he was popularly known on the local soapie Generations, has been in the local Television industry since the mid-80s, making himself a loving memory in the minds of the general public who could not get enough of his mad skills on set especially with characters such as Mazwi in Zulu drama Ubambo Lwami as well as Cijimbi in Kwakhala Nyonini. Menzi Ngubane turned 51 last year but might actually get away with saying he’s in his early or mid-40s.