10 Reasons Why We Love Dogs: You’ll Get A Dog After Reading This


There are some tussles that can be said to be as ageless as time; how they began is unknown, and if they would ever end is also unknown.

There’s the good vs evil struggle, light vs dark, Nigerian Jollof vs Ghanaian Jollof…and then there the ‘cats vs dog’ debate.

Our pets will always hold special places in our lives, but it seems there’s always been a divide between the dog lovers of the world and the cat lovers.

This is not going to solve the divide but it will at least provide an answer to one side of the story – why people love their dogs so much.

1. Unconditional Love

Dogs are simply the best. They don’t judge you, they love you regardless of your imperfections and they always get super excited whenever you come home. This is honestly one of the reasons people love dogs so much.

2. They Can Do Tricks

From playing dead to rolling over on command, dogs are capable of a million tricks up their sleeves (if they’re taught) and this is endlessly entertaining.

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3. Exercise Partner

No one knows exactly where a dog’s endless energy comes from but this can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Their energy will definitely keep you motivated if you decided to go on a run with them and have you pushing yourself to further limits than you would have accomplished with a fellow human. Also because they need to be walked every day, this also keeps you in shape.

4. They don’t Care About Your Cooking

Dog’s don’t need you to be a chef for them to enjoy what you place in front of them. It could be your finest cooking or can of soup and they’ll still enjoy it the same, especially because it’s from you and they love you regardless of your culinary flaws.

5. Excellent Cuddle Buddies

Whether you just want to take a nap or are having a bad day and need comfort or you’re feeling lonely – your dog will always be up for a cuddle. They love it when you show them moments of affection like these and are always eager to reciprocate.

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dog listening to music

6. Comfort

Your dog will always know when you’re having a bad and will do its best to turn things around for you. They will lick your hand or your face, sometimes they refuse to leave your side. These simple actions are guaranteed to cheer anyone up.

7. Protection Guaranteed

Because your dogs love you, they will always be protective of you – that’s a fact. Nothing is safer than a protective and loyal dog. You can be sure they will never let you down.

8. Thanks To Your Dogs, You Know Who To Trust

Or not to trust, depends on what the case may be. At this stage in our lives, we have the pretty good sense not trust the people our dogs don’t like. People are not usually the best judge of character but the same can’t be said for dogs. Always trust your dog’s instincts.

dog and man

9. Best Company

They have the near mystical ability to always cheer you up when you’re having a bad day and you can never feel lonely with your dogs around. They are honestly the best company any one needs.

10. Man’s Best Friend

What other animals can be as loyal, loving and fun as a dog willing to do anything to make us happy? There’s a reason why dogs are called Man’s Best Friend.