Who Is Pearl Monama? 10 Things About Sphesihle from Generations

Pearl Monama is a South African actress and TV personality who plays Sphesihle in the famous SABC soapie, Generations: The Legacy. She works as an assistant director and tutor at the University of Pretoria and has also featured in other movies such as Suurlemoen.

Pearl Monama got into the limelight in 2016 when she played the role of Dr. Sphesihle Moroka in Generations: The Legacy, and since then, the actress has continued to serve it hot to South Africans when it comes to using her acting skills in several productions she has appeared in. Her career success so far cannot be directly linked to anyone, seeing that neither of her parents or any known family member was in the industry before her. That notwithstanding, the actress is now making a name for herself in the South African movie and television industry through consistency and hard work.

A Quick Profile Summary Of Pearl Monama

  • Name: Noxolo Pearl Manoma
  • Place of Birth: Emalahleni, Mpumalanga Province
  • Age: Born in the 1990s
  • Nationality: South Africa
  • Alma mater: University of Pretoria
  • Qualification: Degree in Film and Drama
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Famous For: Playing the role of Dr. Sphesihle Moroka in Generations: The Legacy
  • Social Media: Facebook – @pealnoxolo.monama | Twitter –  @MonamaPearl | IG: noxolomonama

Ten Facts About Generations: The Legacy Star Pearl Monama

The beautiful and stylish actress is best known for her outstanding role in the popular South African soap opera Generations: The Legacy and although one does not actually need an academic qualification to become a top actress, studying something related to her career may have contributed one way or the other to polishing her raw talents.

Though she is very much active on social media, Pearl Monama is still someone who knows how to keep anything she doesn’t want to share with the public to herself. However, we have been able to gather 10 noteworthy things that you would love to know about the delectable South African actress.

1. Pearl Monama Celebrates Her Birthday in December

There is currently no certain information regarding Pearl’s exact year of birth, and to cap it all up, she posts her birthday pictures on different days on Instagram so, pinpointing her exact day of birth may be difficult. In 2019, she celebrated her birthday on the 3rd of December, and in 2020, she celebrated on the 10th of December.

The only thing that has been consistent over the years is her month of celebration. And from the caption and hashtag she used for her birthday celebration on IG, we can tell that Pearl Monama is ‘flirting with her 30s’.

2. Her Parents Work In The Banking Sector

The beautiful actress mentioned in an interview that her parents work at different financial institutions; while her father works at the Home Loans department at Standard Bank, her mother is a staff of African Bank. Despite the aforementioned fact, Pearl was not influenced to follow her parent’s footsteps in terms of her choice of a career path as her current job (including what she studied at the university) has nothing to do with the banking sector.

Her career success has also made her mother proud of her and the woman she is becoming. Pearl Monama is not the only child of her parents, and though she has not let us in on how many they are, she has mentioned that she has a brother and that’s as far as we know.

3. She Obtained Her Basic Education in Afrikaans Schools

From the assumed age of the actress, it is easy to tell that she was born towards the end of apartheid rule in South Africa and as such, it was possible for her to attend only Afrikaans school up until her university education. This is not something that is common among so many black South Africans in her age bracket.

Pearl Monama attended the Witbank’s Laerskool Kragbron, in the town she was born and she also attended Hoërskool Brandwag, Benoni, after her family moved to Benoni. She later obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Drama from the University of Pretoria.

4. Pearl Monama Was Featured In Her First Movie In 2014

Her passion for acting started in her school days and she believes that acting in stage dramas while in school helped in sharpening her acting skills. Monama has performed for The Matchbox Theatre Company and The Forgotten Angle Collaborative.

Though she actually came into the limelight in 2016, she has been a part of the South African film industry since 2014 when she landed a role in the 2014 movie, Suurlemoen.

5. Joining The Cast Of Generations: The Legacy In 2016 Launched Her Into Stardom

2016 was a major year for Pearl Monama’s acting career, seeing that it was the year she landed her first lead role in her acting career. Pearl was selected to play the character of Sphesihle Moroka, a medical doctor and daughter of Jack Mabaso who goes into an arranged marriage with Mazwi Moroka in a bid to create a strong bond between the two powerful families.

In the soap opera, she now has to deal with staying with a husband who is impotent and is forced to have children with her brother-in-law who is now the father of her son, Rorisang Moroka. Despite the fact that the role of Dr. Sphe was her first lead role of any kind, Pearl Monama was able to bring so much life to the character and still is. However, this should not come as a surprise, seeing that she studied Film and Drama in college.

6. The Actress Is A Confident Woman And Does Not Give In To Negative Criticism

When Pearl Monama started playing the role of Dr. Sphesihle on Generations: The Legacy, the character initially portrayed a humble and respectful young lady. However, as the plot developed, Monama’s character evolved into who you may call a rebel as she became a disrespectful woman who talked back at her parents and disrespected her in-laws.

Viewers who struggled to adjust to the evolution of her character started slamming the actress on social media for the change in the attitude of the character, without taking into cognizance that it was a role play and not her real life.

Pearl knows better and sees the fact that viewers were able to notice the change of attitude of Sphesihle as an affirmation that she is doing her job well so much that viewers can feel the emotions. She believes in her abilities and does not allow the approval or disapproval of viewers on the character she plays to validate her talent.

7. Apart From Being An Actress, Pearl Monama Works At The University Of Pretoria

When Pearl Monama does not have to be on set, then she is most likely at the University of Pretoria where she graduated from and now works as a tutor and assistant director.

According to her, a lecturer requested that she comes to her alma mater to help out in the drama department because students were no longer taking the art seriously. She also believes that it is cool for a person’s passion to be acting alone and must not be combined with singing or becoming a presenter.

8. Pearl Monama Does Not Support Arranged Marriages In Reality

She may have been able to bring her character in Generations: The Legacy to life so well but it does not mean that she is totally in support of everything the character stands for. She told Sowetan that she may be happy for her character, but in reality, she is not in support of arranged marriages. According to her, marriage is supposed to be a lifelong commitment, and as such, nobody should dictate to anyone who to marry.

Pearl Monama believes that making young girls get married against their will is a recipe for a failed marriage, and fortunately for her, her family supports her notion about arranged marriage, so she probably does not have to worry about that happening to her in reality.

9. Pearl Monama May Be Single

She is not in the category of celebrities who are always open to the public about their relationships, as such, we don’t know if she already has a bae or not. On the same note, she has never been linked to anyone in a romantic way in the past.

Pearl Monama is only married in Generations: The Legacy soapie but not in reality. However, to celebrate the birthday of Vuyo Dabula who plays the role of Gadaffi in the same TV series on the 19th of September 2019, she uploaded a picture where he was carrying her in his arms. This made fans flood the comment section with several wishes – some even hoped that they would actually date.

Since then, Pearl is yet to introduce anyone to us and all we can do is watch her on-screen marriage to her on-screen husband, Mazwi Moroka.

10. Pearl Monama Is Also A Fitness Freak

The talented actress invests a lot of energy and time into her workout sessions. This shouldn’t be a surprise as her elegant body shows the results and she does not fail to flaunt it on social media. Her IG account is full of pictures and videos of herself working out both in and outside the gym.

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