10 Month Old Baby Bitten By A Spitting Cobra


A spitting cobra has bitten a 10 month old baby living with foster parents in Rustenburg, North West. He was rushed to the hospital after taking a bite from a Mozambican spitting cobra. The cobra attacked the baby as he was lying in his cot on Wednesday.

Berdine Venter, a Social worker, highlighted the suspicion that the snake had fallen off from the thatched roof and landed on the baby’s cot before delivering the dangerous bite.

The baby was heard screaming at 8.30pm by the foster parents before he was rushed to the hospital and a Mozambican spitting cobra was found on the carpet in the baby’s room.

According to Venter, the boy is still in the hospital however, he has made tremendous progress and is breathing on his own.

Mozambican spitting cobra 1

He was removed at 4 months from his biological parents and handed over to the care of his foster parents – the Rustenburg couple. Mozambican spitting cobra is considered as one of the most dangerous snakes in Africa. It can eject its venom up to 8 feet (2.4 meters) away from any position whether lying on the ground or raised with remarkable accuracy. In most cases would target the eyes and its venom can cause blindness if left untreated. The spitting cobra sometimes feigns death to avoid molestation but would rather bite than spit when in a confined space.