10 Interesting Pregnancy Facts You Didn’t Know

Every day we see women pregnant and we tend to believe or just see it as one of those things that are very normal. Surprisingly enough, there are many pregnancy facts that can surprise every goose out of your bumps.

In fact, if you want to look at it, isn’t it really surprising enough to find out that another human being is growing in another human being just because two people decided to have sex? Here are some pregnancy facts you didn’t know and that are super interesting:

10 Interesting Pregnancy Facts

Male fetus erection

Pregnancy Facts
Male Fetus Gets Erection In The Womb

If you are carrying a male child, he may likely get an erection even while still in the womb. Medically referred to as fetal penile tumescence, this has been found among fetuses at 36-39 weeks gestation.

This Fetus erection can last from between 5 to 17 minutes. This has been picked during ultrasound scans carried out to monitor the developing fetus and sex determination. The good news is that it doesn’t suggest anything bad because it is only natural. (Source: 25doctors)

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The father may get pregnancy symptoms too

Pregnancy Facts

This is real and it is called Couvade syndrome or sympathetic pregnancy. The way this happens is that a man, the father of the child, may begin to get some pregnancy symptoms such as early morning sickness and cramps in the lower abdomen. It may even include weight gain and disturbed sleep. (Source:babycenter)

Girls are born with eggs

Pregnancy Facts

Yeah, girls are born with all the eggs they would ever use in their lives and that is why a girl at 12 can get pregnant.

The egg cells she is born with is as much as 1.2 million and she begins to lose them that by puberty she will only have 400,000 or even less. For boys, they do not get the “luxury” of developing sperm until they hit puberty.

Child with teeth

Pregnancy Facts

Some people may give birth to a child with teeth. It is referred to as natal teeth and it may come wobbling. This is sometimes linked to some medical conditions that could limit child’s growth or cause smaller lower jaw.

While it is uncommon, it has been found that 1 in every 2000 children is born with it. (Source: MedlinePlus)

Babies practice how to cry in the womb

Pregnancy Facts

Probably, you are aware that babies frown in the womb. This has been observed many times through 4D scans. One of the pregnancy facts that you don’t know, however, is that babies cry even when they are in the womb.

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The good news is that they are not crying out of anger or being vexed. They are only learning how to display their displeasure. (Source: WebMD)

Your feet can grow up to one full shoe size

Pregnancy Facts

Your feet may grow far larger than its actual size. Don’t get surprised. It is as a result of the need for your body to reduce the pressure on your feet. In fact, your feet may grow far larger than the weight you add.

There is nothing to fear though because the growth of the feet is only temporary for most people. (Source: Parenting)

Babies keep urinating in the womb

Pregnancy facts

If you think it’s a big deal that babies urinate in the womb, that is just one of the weird pregnancy facts. In fact, they drop as much as 1 litre of urine and the mother doesn’t help them in passing it out, as they drink it themselves. (Source: beginbeforebirth)

Sperm race

Pregnancy facts

As men ejaculate, they release as much as 100 million sperm into the woman. This is most especially true with fertile men. The thing though is that those that get to reach the woman’s eggs are only in the hundreds.

It gets more interesting to realize that in the competition to get to the surface of the egg and stand the chance of being born, only one of the sperm gets it right. (Source: ovulationcalculator).

Babies hold their poop until birth

Pregnancy facts

Babies first poop contains skin, hair, bile, proteins, white blood cells, and other stuff that floats in the amniotic fluid. This is because the baby keeps drinking it until birth.

That is for the last 25 weeks until birth. As the baby keeps gathering the poop, it also holds it until birth. There are others, however, that decide to let go of the stuff in the womb. (Source: fitpregnancy)

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Giving birth to twins

Pregnancy facts
Giving birth to twins

There is a possibility that the next woman to get pregnant in Igbo-Ora may just give birth to twins. The town which is in the southwestern part of Nigeria has been said to be the place where more twins are born than every other place on earth. (Source: BBC)

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