20 Most Weird Fruits You Have Probably Never Seen (Strange Fruits)


At the height of summer, there’s nothing better than a bowl of chilled fruit salad to refresh and cool off – but don’t you get bored with having the same old fruits every time?  Well, if you do, here are 20 of the most weird fruits you probably haven’t heard of. You can use this list to alternate the fruits you eat and get better nourishment. The fruits are listed alphabetically!

Here Goes The List: 20 Most Weird Fruits

1. – African Cucumber, aka Melano or ‘Horned Melon’ – Found around the Kalahari desert and now grown in New Zealand and California as well, this fruit looks like a yellow melon with small horns all over the rind, rather like those of a ridge cucumber.  The dark green pulp with large white seeds is a popular decoration on food and made into sundaes and smoothies, and has a taste described as reminiscent of limes, cucumber, bananas and passion fruit, all at once!

African Cucumber

2. – Buddha’s Hand or ‘Fingered Citron’ – this fruit got its names because it resembles a hand with fingers!  It is seedless and grows on a shrubby small tree with oblong leaves in the Himalayas.  High in vitamin C and used in cooking wherever you would otherwise use lemons, it will keep in a fridge for a couple of weeks. To the Chinese it is a symbol of happiness and longevity, and the Japanese believe it will bring good fortune to the household where it is given as a New Year’s gift.

Buddha's Hand

3. – Cherimoya or ‘Custard Apple’ – This South American fruit has a rough skin but on the inside it has a custard-like substance that is sweet and often eaten from the rind with a spoon (although the inedible seeds should be spat out).  It is used as an ice-cream or sherbet, and in soft drinks, sauces and fruit salads.  The tree has scented flowers and fleshy green petals.


4. – Dragon fruit – This Mexican/South American fruit has to be one of the most spectacularly weird fruits  to look at – it comes in several varieties but the most popular, the strawberry pear or pitaya, has a strawberry-red rind dotted with small green leaves, a bright fuchsia-pink zest and white flesh filled with tiny black seeds.  Dragon fruits are used for juice and wine, and a tea is made from the edible flowers.

Dragon fruit

5. – Durian – now THIS is a weird fruit, and quite possibly the weirdest in the world!  It is roughly pear-shaped, has a spiny, hard husk, and stinks to high heaven – the odour is has been compared to sewage, or skunk spray!  This has caused the fruit to be banned in public places in its native Southeast Asia.  However, the Durian, aka ‘the king of fruits’, apparently has a taste that is so delicious that it is worth putting up with the smell!  Perhaps if you eat dessert with a peg on your nose …?!