Nigerians Are Loosing Sleep Over #ZumaMustFall Protest, They’ve Got The Whole Story Twisted


I was navigating through the internet yesterday, hoping to grab the gist of the possible managers lined-out to replace the sacked Jose Mourinho of Chelsea F.C when I stumbled on this. I initially ignored the first post I saw about the #ZumaMustFall protest in one nairaland social site, but then, the site linked to another site, then to another, and yet to another.

They were all about the #ZumaMustFall rage, but their rage was on something that, to the best of my knowledge, never happened. Nigerian bloggers and the flocks they gathered were loosing their minds over the Zuma protest, and their version of what transpired is annoyingly distorted.

With most of the sites challenging their visitors to “spot the difference” in two pictures that were supposedly gotten from the ZumaMustFall protest, one of the said site stated;

Discrimination in the highest order. When will Africans learn? South Africans are sharing this photo on social media. Both pictures were taken at the Zuma must Fall protest in South Africa…


The believe is that the SA police were nicer to the whites. Some of the comments are as highlighted below.

@Ekemini Matthew – “The difference is clear. (7up) Blacks are treated like slaves while the whites are treated like kings and queens.”

@Anonymous – “Stupid black man!!! Arresting his own people.”

@Tobi Adewinle – “Lol….just imagine…bulling the blacks, while helping the whites to snap pix….”

@Anonymous – “Black people always hating on themselves. See how this black policeman positioned his big tommy just to snap the white girls while the other black girl is rough handled like toilet paper.”

@ary – “Mugabe was right, he made this observation during the xenophobia incidence. He said South Africans would readily attack a fellow black man but would not date touch the statue of a white man.”

@Anonymous – “Even the black in south Africans does not recognize follow African that assisted them in fighting for their freedom.”

On and on they went blabbing on something that never happened, and that got me wondering if we’ve ever reacted in such manner to untrue stories over here? I bet we must have. So I guess the essence of this write-up is to remind us that freedom of the internet is such that allows the most clueless entities to fabricate whatsoever they desire and feed those lies to the unwary multitude of receivers.