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How to Apply for a UK Visa in South Africa

If you are currently in South Africa, it is possible to apply for a visa to the UK up to three months before your travel date to the UK. However, if you only have temporary permission to stay in South Africa, you can only apply for certain types of visas. It recommended that you should desist from confirming your travel arrangements until you receive the visa.

How to Get UK Visa From South Africa

uk Visa

What You Need to Apply for a UK Visa in South Africa

Before you can apply for the UK visa, you will need to prepare all the needed supporting documents. Be prepared to submit a visa application and enroll biometric information, which includes your fingerprints and photograph at their visa application centres (see contacts below). You should also be able to pay the application fee for the visa. If you intend to stay in the UK for a period of more than six months, you must be tested for tuberculosis.

Ensure that you provide all the documents specified in your visa category. For every document, you should provide any explanation and information that may help them to make a decision. Only documents submitted with your application are considered and you are not allowed to submit documents after completing the application at their visa application centre. This is unless the documents have been requested by their staff.

Every document provided must be accompanied by the original document and the photocopy. Ensure that the photocopies are not only of good quality but can also be read easily. Failure to provide photocopies of documents may lead to the original document being withheld by them.

The UK Visa Application Process From South Africa

Before you can apply for the visa, you must complete & submit an application form. You can visit one of their visa application centres in Durban, Capetown, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg or Pretoria. The application form should be submitted online. As part of the application process, you can book for an appointment at the visa application centre using the appointment calendar. After completing the application process, you will get an email message which will have your application number. You should note this number which is also referred to a GWF number.

UK Visa Applicants Registered as British Citizens

If you have held a British passport or were registered as a British citizen at birth, you are supposed to either apply or renew the British passport or you can apply for a certificate of entitlement. The certificate of entitlement can be put in your passport. However, you aren’t eligible for a visit visa.

Paying the application fee for the visa

The visa application fee is only supposed to be paid online through MasterCard or Visa or debit card. Other debit or credit cards aren’t accepted. After the online payment has been received, you get a confirmation email from their payment provider WorldPay. When submitting the application for visa at the application centre,, you should include a printout of the email which act as proof of payment.

Interview at the Visa Application Centre

The application process is incomplete without attending an interview at one of their visa application centers listed above. It’s during the appointment that you are informed whether your application is successful.

 UK Visa Application Centres – Contact Offices

Johannesburg UK Visa Application Centre (VFS)
10 Floor
Office Towers, Sandton City Mall (Above Ned Bank)

Durban UK Visa Application Centre (VFS)
565 Swift Centre,
2 Floor Suite 8, Corner Of Peter Mokaba (ex Ridge Road) And Crescent Street
Morningside, Durban- 4001

Pretoria UK Visa Application Centre (VFS)
1 Floor – Lobby 4,
Bank Forum,
337 Veale Street, Opposite Brooklyn Mall,
Brooklyn, Pretoria

Cape Town UK Visa Application Centre (VFS)
2202, 22 Floor,
ABSA Centre,
2 Riebeck Street,
Cape Town.

Port Elizabeth UK Visa Application Centre (VFS)
2 Floor, Office number 8, Office Block,
Moffet on Main Lifestyle Centre
Corner of William Moffet and Main Road
Walmer, Port Elizabeth

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