BEE Turned Blacks Into Assholes And Animal Who Bite Each Other – Ntsiki


The racial-based program lauched by the ANC government to remedy the inequalities of apartheid (BEE) brought economic privilages that turned black South Africans into assholes.

Aside that, it transformed them (black South Africans) into beasts, animals who prey on their likes, says Ntsiki Mazwai.

The singer said we should blame white capital for this blacks against blacks anomaly.

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Ntsiki was commenting on the #FeesMustFallReloaded campaing. According to her, the real reason ANC is insisting the country can’t afford free education is because the ruling party is afraid of whites.

With that sentiment, she lashed out at black South Africans who’re relunctant to appluade the #FeesMustFallReloaded movement.

To her, black South Africans are ideally, in control of the economy. But, whites stole it and handed back some crumbs for blacks to fight over.

“If every black person did not go to work for one day, we would see who really controls this economy, we do. When white people gave (blacks) crumbs of the stolen economy, they knew (they) would fight over it amongst themselves.

It’s disgusting to see black people turn on other black people’s struggle, so disgusting.

What kind of black privilege ignore black suffering? The kind that is ignorant and thinks being made a better black makes them special.

Some of the dogs were given doggy biscuits and they feel special. (They’re) stupid because everytime they fall for divide and conquer, everytime,” Ntsiki  stressed.

Check out some of her tweets below.

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Meanwhile, the Higher Education and Training Minister, Blade Nzimande today, inferred that it’s necessary to increase the 2017 varsity fees.

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According to him, SA universities will be forced to retrench and shut down certain operations if the nation maintain a 0% fee increase.