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10+ Most Beautiful South African Women 2014

South Africa is home to the some of the most beautiful women on the planet today, from Cape Town to Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban. South Africa is not just known for rugby, the Springbok or Nelson Mandela. This is a country that has produced some of the world’s famous celebrities, business people, entrepreneurs and innovators, It is a country that has produced popular personalities like Elon Musk, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Charlize Theron, Steve Nash. One of the first things you will notice when visiting South Africa is the country’s demographic diversity. There are five major racial categories comprising of Black African at 79.4%, White at 9.2%, colored at 8.8% and Indian or Asian at 2.6% according to the 2010 Census but even the black population for instance can be differentiated into ethnic group as no race is completely homogenous in South Africa. However, despite this diversity, one great result we always get is that South Africa is full of beauties to fulfil any kind of male fantasy. no matter what your needs are, the country has enough variety to make your dreams come true. Just recently, the country has been in the news because of Oscar Pistorius, the first athlete of different ability to make it to the Olympic Games and compete equally with others. South African women are very stunning, of course this is a rainbow nation, what would you expect? here are ten most beautiful women in South Africa

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Top 10+ Most Beautiful South African Women Celebrities 2014

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  • Tabitha J. Bergen

    ooh there are so beautiful girl in the world, i love there there so much

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  • Gloria N. Mkushi

    Most of these women are wearing FAR too much make-up! That isn’t “beautiful”, it just shows that they can dress up and use airbrushing, lighting and editing effects in their multimedia. Truly beautiful African women are Batswana (flawless without makeup, tall, proportionate body structures) and Luo ladies from Eastern Africa.

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