Awesome! 12 Maps That Tell Everything About Cape Town


Most of the time, it’s usually a bad, difficult, miserable and terrifying experience for especially, tourists that intend to fully explore Capetown. The complexity of the mother city leaves them confused as they are literally lost and cannot really decide what part of the city is most suitable for them to visit. The nightmare is over! Thanks to travelstart for compiling these awesome maps. Before you view the maps, here some reasons people are zealous to visit Capetown. Check out the amazing facts of the city as under-listed.

  • Cape Town was the largest city in South Africa until the Witwatersrand Gold Rush and the development of Johannesburg,
  • Was named the best place in the world to visit by both “The New York Times” and “The Telegraph,”
  • Is the World Design Capital for 2014 as named by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design,
  • Is one of the most multicultural cities in the world,
  • Famous for its harbor, natural setting and well-known scenic landmarks like the Table Mountain and Cape Point,
  • And is the most populous urban area in South Africa after Johannesburg

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Considering those facts, there is no point in opposing the Cape town people view of cape town as the crown of South Africa as depicted below.

1. Capetown In South Africa

capetownmapThe map on the right end is the conventional map of South Africa where as the one on the left side is a map of South Africa according to Capetown natives.

2. Major Cape Town City Centers


With this map, your pointless wandering of Capetown is unnecessary. As long as you know the kind of place you want to visit in Capetown, this map will pinpoint the place, and as well direct you there. Capetown neighborhoods are perfectly identified by this map.

3. Beer Spots Map of Capetown


No beer-lover is happy when they run out of bear. Well, It’s quite impossible to run out of beer in Capetown as they are virtually everywhere. However, the map above highlights the major beer spots in Capetown.

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4. Capetown Major Wine Locations


If South Africa is well-known for its wines, then Capetown is the place to find the wines. It’s hence, absolutely unnecessary to tolerate the fear of running out of wine. The map above will help you find abundant wines.

5. Map for Capetown Best Foods And Markets


There are numerous options. This map however captures most and the major ones.

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